21 Oct 2016

Case study - Female 50+ Age

Hello Healthizens,

There are a few cases which need to be discussed either because of the carelessness that they exhibit related to their own lifestyle or routine.. or the precision with which they are keen on following their routine.

I got a client yesterday, and I was completely bowled over by her dedication to fitness and clean eating!

Here are the details

Female, Age - 50+, Looked Very happy and content and her reason to coming to me for consultation was to know and understand - What might be the probable flaw in her diet.. due to which she is not getting desired results.

Her routine - She gets up at 5:15 am. Drinks and eats a few things, goes for morning walk of 4 kms and then does yoga on her own for 1 hour.
Has a decent breakfast.
She has a sedentary Lifestyle and is a working professional.
She manages to squeeze in time to drink buttermilk 1 hour before Lunch.
Has a very balanced meal for Lunch.
After coming back home, and having her evening tea, goes for a relaxed fitness cum fun activity.
She tries to finish her dinner by 7:30 pm and Sleeps by 10 pm.
When asked about outings - I was happy to know that outings are not more than thrice a month and that too either buffet breakfast or Luncheons!
( I am always a fan of people who prefer Luncheons and Breakfasts and of course High Tea!)

I even happened to ask her

1) Why did you come for consultation before Diwali and that too when the festive and wedding season is approaching?
To which her response was - Since the festive season is coming, I want to know where all possibly could I go wrong and how would I maintain my stamina and energy levels during all this hustle bustle. Also I have a few weddings in the family, so I want to look even more toned with a clean skin tone!

This lady completely took me over by her dedication to Fitness.
It took me a few minutes to ponder over the contents of the daily diet and find out where exactly might be the flaw...
After a few minor corrections, I have advised her to come for a followup after some time.

A few things that keep ringing in my mind and she affirmed the fact, which inspired me to do this writeup are

1) There are NO EXCUSES TO STAY FIT! You sincerely need to make efforts and you need to be consistent with that!

2) There is no age limit to fitness - You can getup at any age and decide - Okay I have had enough of bed rest and sick leaves from my precious days of happiness, now I want to become fit!

This was my effort to make you motivated for at least the entire festive season!

Nidhi Pandey

12 Oct 2016

Start a good routine TODAY!

Hello Healthizens,

Did you know...
A bad routine or
A Bad diet without exercise or
A good diet without exercise or
A bad diet with exercise
 could give you -
1) Low Hb levels,
2) Low serum calcium and magnesium,
3) Low bone density,
4) Vitamin b12 and D deficiency,
5)  Acidity and accompanied cardiac issues and blood pressure and diabetes issues,
6) Frequent headaches,
7) Painful cycles,
8) Irritability,
9) Ligament issues,
10) Back pain,
11) Frequent bouts of illness,
12) Severe mood swings,
13) Lethargy and exhaustion,
14) Constant craving for good food and rest
15) FAST AGEING of skin,  bone and joints and BRAIN TOO!!!
this is just the tip of the ice-berg...
Stop thinking start doing..
Start a good routine for yourself and most importantly for your children. Consult a good dietitian today!


Nidhi Pandey
M 8871443331

29 Sep 2016

Happy news for people from Army background

Hello Healthizens,

Wish to share this new initiative for people from Army (Defense) Background.

For 40 days of counselling opted, you get 40 days of counselling session honorary i.e  Free counselling for 40 more days.

This applies to
1) Army officer themselves
2) Their wife or children
3) Their parents.

This initiative is taken with reference to WORLD HEART DAY which is celebrated on 29th September every year and with reference to Surgical Strike done by the Indian Army.



13 Sep 2016

Joined as a Diet Expert for Nutrelahealth.com

Hello Healthizens,

Wanted to share a great news!
To write about health has always been a passion.

This passion has taken a step forward in the form of getting associated with a brand of International repute - "NUTRELA"  in online venture "Nutrelahealth.com" in their Panel of Experts as a Diet expert.

I would like to thank Nutrela for giving me this opportunity for voicing my opinion to an even larger audience.

I have posted my first blog on their portal and here is the link to it - Choice to stay Healthy! Do drop in your valuable comments.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Fb - Nidhi Shukla Pandey
For Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
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Health Tip No 28

"Stay away from mobile for atleast 8 hours in a day."

Constant exposure to mobile phone screen and is radiations accompanied with Wifi radiations has an adverse effect on
1) Eyes
2) Brain Cells 
3) Facial skin
4) Nerve network in the fingers especially thumb, wrist, elbow, shoulders and cervical region.
5) Changes in hormonal secretions leading to abnormalities in the sleep patterns.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
M - 8871443331

12 Sep 2016

Client testimonial - Tanishka Varma

Hello Healthizens!
Just wanted to share the success story of my client

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
For Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
M - 8871443331, 07554233984

3 Sep 2016

Association with Radio Orange (91.9 FM)

Hello Healthizens!

I am very happy that the much awaited National Nutrition Week (NNW) 2016, a week where dietcians all over India try to spread awareness on Nutrition through different ways and means - has arrived. 
It is celebrated every week from 1st to 7th September.
It was initiated by the Food and Nutrition Board in 1982.
The theme of NNW keeps changing every year.
Theme of 2015 was "Poshak Aahar Desh ka Aadhar"
Theme of 2016 is "Lifecycle approach for better Nutrition".

Healthizen's blog is happy to announce that we are getting associated with
RADIO ORANGE 91.9 FM, currently operating in Akola and Nagpur.

They shall be showcasing 7 tips for 7 days of the National Nutrition Week in the form of posters.

Let me also tell you that they come up with very interesting creatives!

Do give us the feedback.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

30 Aug 2016

Honorary Workshop For Slum Children (Girls)

Hello Healthizens!

Staying healthy is important for every individual irrespective of any caste or creed or financial status.

Taking this point forward , I conducted a session for slum children (girls) of Kolar Colony in association with Aksharika Education Foundation run by Ms. Anusha Uikey

The points discussed in the session were.

  1. What are the foods that you should eat to increase your brain power.
  2. What are the foods you should eat to increase your Haemoglobin level.
  3. What should you avoid eating and why?
  4. Why is water intake important?
  5. Why should you workout - skipping, running, jumping or playing normal games in which physical activity happens.

The focus was low budget nutritious foods as they have budget constraints.

Happiness is what comes when you see  bunch of girls very sincere to attend the session and even more happy to give answers!

A few pics of the event - 

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Hitavada Raipur 26th June (Sunday)

22 Jul 2016

Newspaper Mentions - 4

Hello Healthizens,

Taking into consideration, the recent row of suicides in the city, myself and a friend who is a Psychologist decided to take a session exclusively for students.

Title - "Diet & Depression"
Date - 16th July 2016
Student Strength - 10
Age range - 8-17 years.

These are the Newspaper mentions of the same -
1) Coverage in City Bhaskar 18th July, Bhopal edition.

2) Coverage in HITAVADA , Bhopal edition, 19th July.

3) Coverage in City Bhaskar 20th July, Raipur edition. Content is the same , names and photograph are not published.


With this I would like to once again emphasise that EATING HEALTHY DOES AFFECT YOU MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY BOTH.
So what are you eating today?

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

M - 8871443331