25 Mar 2017

4 Food Suggestions That Your Heart Will Love

Hello Healthizens,

This is a matter of pride and happiness that I am able to bring to you views and opinions of people from other  para-medical professions. This is a guest post by Dr. Vidhi Jain ( A physiotherapist from Noida)

4 Food Suggestions That Your Heart Will Love

Heart disease is a killer worldwide and according to research carried out by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, it actually is responsible for more deaths worldwide than all of the cancers combined. Pretty scary to think about when you consider that we are still not eating the right food to combat this awful fact. But the good news is that you can do something positive about this right now and before too long you could be reducing the chances of succumbing to a heart condition in the future. This article looks at 4 food suggestions that will help you to keep a healthy heart and once you start loading up on these suggestions, your whole outlook on life will be more positive.

First Suggestion - Fatty Fish

The title may not seem that attractive but here we are talking about some very delicious fish that includes the likes of herring, sardines and salmon. Just think of the tasty dishes that you can make by combining these ingredients with some fresh vegetables and rice. Even tinned tuna is going to have a positive effect on your heart so long as you add some greens and make sure that you hold the mayonnaise. If you are short on ideas, just replace your usual chicken or red meat with some poached salmon and your heart will certainly thank you for this consideration.
My Take - Try to get them fresh and yes take care of the portion size!

Second Suggestion – Nuts

All puns aside, nuts are an incredible source of fiber and protein, not to mention the myriad of health fats that they contain. They are extremely convenient because you can simply toss a few in your mouth when you feel the need for a lift or add them to your favorite dishes at will. The New England Journal of Medicine ran a study that discovered those who ate nuts regularly were 29 percent less likely to succumb to heart issues later in life. Nut-based butter is also a great source of protein without the added issue of unhealthy fats.

My take - Soaked nuts are better for digestion!

Third Suggestion – Beetroot

Although beets may not seem like a very obvious choice for healthy food, they are one of the most effective choices that you can make as far as looking after yourself is concerned. Beets contain a whole load of nitrates that improve your blood flow and also expand your blood vessels when consumed on a regular basis. What is more, they taste great and can be used to make a delicious blended drink in the morning when you are too rushed to have a sit-down breakfast.

My take - Have steamed beetroot - so that it's fiber and other nutrients get absorbed easily!

Fourth Suggestion – Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are part of the food group known as legumes and they are packed to the brim with soluble fibers. These work together in your gut to deal with cholesterol-based acids and they move them safely out of harm’s way. Try to eat just over a cup per day and start adding them to your regular meals for the very best results possible.

My take - Takecare of the portion size, have them in sprouted form and if you have digestion or bloating issues keep the accompaniments high in fiber!

We do hope that you enjoy these suggestions and remember to speak to both your doctor and dietician for more healthy options because as far as your heart health is concerned, you can never be too careful!

Author Bio:
Dr. Vidhi Jain has over 7 years of experience as a Physiotherapist. She has a Masters in Physiotherapy in Orthopedics and is currently practicing at Vinayak Physiotherapy in Noida as HOD of the Physiotherapy Department. She has been nominated as 'Best Physiotherapy Consultant' in Noida & firmly believes in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
She also writes for Medlife International Private Limited, an online pharmacy store, operating in India offering home delivery of authentic prescription medicines at discounted prices.


13 Jan 2017

Health is Wealth ( in real sense) Part 2

Hello Healthizens!

Let's continue with the previous article

Let us think of our health as our Asset and the state of disease or bad health as our Liabilities.
Whatever we do to make our health better as Insurance premiums and whatever we do not do to make our lives healthier as Bad debts!
 Moving forward if I being a mother takecare of my health – I am increasing my assets. If I keep taking steps towards my good health and wellbeing in terms of good food and exercise, I am paying my insurance premiums and when my children grow up I will be transferring those valuable assets to them. They would get a ‘Healthy and Fit Mother’ which would be a rarity 20 years from now!
Similarly if I keep ignoring good eating and exercise considering social events, gatherings or any such things more important and not finding time to exercise, then I am increasing my liabilities. And these liabilities would be in different forms – frequent or regular medications for health issues like cough cold, fever, menopausal problems, back pain, joint pain, headaches, irritability, constipation, gastric trouble, cervical, slip-disc, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure,  cardiac issues, depression, ulcers of various types and maybe even cancer of any organ.
 Along-with the time and appreciation in the currency the expenditures on health will increase by a manifold, and hence the liabilities on the children would also increase exponentially and would become like bad debts that could never be written off! Even if you have purchased acres of land and property for them and have given them lacs of rupees in the bank accounts – Remember their biggest asset always will be Healthy and Fit Parents! And this would keep them happy, peaceful and cheerful always!
So the choice is yours .. be a smart financial planner. Try combining health with finance this year and try increasing the assets for your children and start working towards reducing liabilities, it would take time, but then “Rome was not built in a day”
By a Nutritionist who also happens to be a mother of a 6 year old.


Health is Wealth ( in real sense) Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Hope your New Year started with a bang!

The year 2016 will be marked in the history as one of the most important years due to the event of Demonetisation.
 Every person  of every age group and from all economic strata had her/his own views on demonetisation, to declare the decisions good, better, best to bad, worse or worst!

 You must be wondering, why is a Diet Consultant talking about finances and not talking about her own subject i.e.: DIET.

Lets start with clearing a few misconceptions. First and foremost let us think of DIET as a more wholesome and comprehensive term in the year 2017.

The first thing to know understand and digest is - "You are on a diet if you EAT". You may be eating anything something, a few of these things a few of that things, Diet foods, Fried foods, Low calories foods, High-protein foods, High fibre foods...but whenever you eat something out of those many things, you are on a ‘Diet’.

So technically speaking you can never go On and/or Off a ‘Diet’, you are always on a 'Diet'! To all those people who say I am on 'Diet' and all those who say I am planning to start a diet, I feel a little less happy to announce that they are technically incorrect. Now that the first misconception is cleared.. lets move to why was I discussing so much of finance at the outset of the article..
( to be continued in part 2 of the article)


7 Dec 2016

Health Foods - Introduction

Hello Healthizens,
As discussed in the previous post about Health Foods.
Let me introduce you with our (our ideas and their efforts) method of cooking.

Method of cooking - Satvik methods of Ayurvedic cooking.
Points to consider while placing the order
1) We believe in strict hygiene and maintaining food quality,  hence all items are prepared only after taking bath and doing Puja.
2) She herself makes everything at home, no contributions of domestic help,  hence complete purity and hygiene of the food are guaranteed.
3) Uses the best quality of healthy ingredients ( roasted seeds,  flax seeds dry fruits, seasonal vegetables - basically all foods that are power packed with Nutrition)
3) Can cook a wide range of foods, and focusses on seasonal foods.
4) Order to be given 5 days in advance as everything is made to order and specification. Order to be collected as soon as we inform you about the dispatch.
5) Uses mantras and chanting which usually should be done while cooking the food (especially when it's Ayurvedic cooking) which makes the food spiritually better to eat.
6) Only cow's ghee or unrefined virgin cold pressed oils (as the recipe demands) are used for cooking.

Charges are on the premium side and will be disclosed when you contact us. Courier charges extra.

Please do let me know if you are interested in placing your order.

Current items which would be available in 5 days are

New items to be introduced very soon.

We believe in packing Nutrition in every food and hence we would not focus on calorific density of foods.  We would mention the ingredients used in the recipe and focus on their nutritional values too!
So what are you waiting for?  If you feel HEALTH is your prime goal for yourself and your family..  Pre-book your orders.

For placing the order you can contact us on
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6 Dec 2016

Customised order of Health Foods

Hello Healthizens,
Hope the winter season is keeping you fit and fine!

Since long I had been searching for a person who would be passionate towards cooking healthy and cooking all meals keeping in mind 3 things.
1) Thinking of all good things that the food could do to the person who consumes it I. E. - enhancing the chemical composition of the food.
2) Making it nutrient dense I. E.  Enhancing the nutrition quotient of the food.
3) Taking the name of your God while making it.  I. E. Enhancing the spiritual quotient of the food.

I have finally found 2 persons who do this.
And yes we are taking customised orders for foods that we think are nutritious and healthy for you!
Our first batch of GOND KE LADDOO is successfully delivered.
Do contact us if you feel you want food items that are prepared keeling in mind only one thing - HEALTH .
Small batches prepared ON ORDER to preserve the health quotient and delivered as soon as possible!

Contact details - nidhi0583@gmail.com
M 8871443331

25 Oct 2016

Vitamin D - Part 1 (Co-authored by Jennifer Dhuri)

Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin!

It is said that sunshine is the best medicine Have you thought why? 
Sunshine gives us vitamin D that helps maintain strong bones, but there's a lot more to Vitamin D than meets the eye. It is an often-overlooked, under-consumed nutrient that plays a major role in your overall health and performance.
Why are we getting to hear so much about vitamin D deficiency since past some time? And the duration and frequency of the discussions keep increasing day by day!
Well, According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 2015 about 75% to 100% Indians in various age groups of the population is deficient in vitamin D.

Lets start from the basicsVitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which belongs to the  family i.e.: A, D, E, K. It is produced upon exposure to sunlight, with the help of your Skin, Liver, Kidneys and the Parathyroid gland. To get your daily dose of vitamin D - the best time is around sunrise till 2 hours later. After that, the sun could get harsh for your skin, but anytime sun exposure is better than having no sun exposure!

Probable causes of deficiency

1) Low dietary intake of vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C.

2) High fiber (especially in meal replacers) and phytate intake that depletes vitamin D levels,

3) Reduced exposure to sunlight (either due to not being in the sun or due to excessive use of sun-screen ( to look one tone brighter!), or umbrella to stay protected fom sun-tan, or due to ‘purdah’ or burqa’ practice,

4) Excess use of air-conditioners while in the office or while travelling, 

5) Zero or Low fat intake – as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, lack of fat in the diet leads to less or no absorption of it from the diet,

6) Dark skin produces significantly lesser amount of vitamin D than fairer skin,

7) Lack of direct sunlight in population dense areas and lack of sunlight due to sun-films used in the cars and office windows,

8) More intake of Tea and Coffee which leads to decreased absorption of Calcium, Iron and vitamin D from the already low vitamin D diet,

9) Obesity - A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that vitamin D is less bioavailable in obese people,

10) Leaky Gut - Vitamin D is absorbed in the small intestine in the presence of fat. A leaky and inflamed gut, Crohn's disease, Irritable bowel syndrome or symptoms, Chronic constipation, Celiac disease and such intestinal disorders can interfere with absorption of vitamin D,

11) Genetics - Slight differences in genes, can impact the proteins and enzymes that help the body utilize vitamin D. These slight genetic differences have been linked to Hashimoto's and thyroid cancer.

12) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) & hypothyroidism.

13) Low 25OHD levels are associated with insulin resistance, ovulatory and menstrual irregularities, lower pregnancy success, hirsutism, hyperandrogenism, obesity and elevated cardiovascular disease risk factors in women!

14) Lack of physical activity – any physical activity when done is a good exercise for your bones, ligaments and cartilages. Decrease in amount of physical activity leads to stiffness of bones and hardening of ligaments & cartilages.

15) Crash dieting/ FAD diets and Self made diet plans – without knowing the consequences of following crazy diets, people put their bodies in a state of shock and then after some time they find out their bodies have become deficient in certain trace minerals and hence are deficient in vitamin D too!

This is also a reason as to why consulting a Diet consultant is so important!

16) Stress – Vitamin D is produced in the body and it looks for Vitamin D Receptors (VDR), without VDR’s vitamin D will not be utilized. Our body when in stress produces the hormone ‘Cortisol’ which depletes VDR capabilities in the body, hence making vitamin D unavailable to the body! 

This article has been co-authored by Jennifer Dhuri who runs a page - Jennifer's Nutrition and Diet Solutions (Jenniferdhuri@gmail.com)

In Part 2, we shall be discussing about the Symptoms, Fortification and Supplementation.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Fb - Nidhi Shukla Pandey
For Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

M - 8871443331, 07554233984

21 Oct 2016

Case study - Female 50+ Age

Hello Healthizens,

There are a few cases which need to be discussed either because of the carelessness that they exhibit related to their own lifestyle or routine.. or the precision with which they are keen on following their routine.

I got a client yesterday, and I was completely bowled over by her dedication to fitness and clean eating!

Here are the details

Female, Age - 50+, Looked Very happy and content and her reason to coming to me for consultation was to know and understand - What might be the probable flaw in her diet.. due to which she is not getting desired results.

Her routine - She gets up at 5:15 am. Drinks and eats a few things, goes for morning walk of 4 kms and then does yoga on her own for 1 hour.
Has a decent breakfast.
She has a sedentary Lifestyle and is a working professional.
She manages to squeeze in time to drink buttermilk 1 hour before Lunch.
Has a very balanced meal for Lunch.
After coming back home, and having her evening tea, goes for a relaxed fitness cum fun activity.
She tries to finish her dinner by 7:30 pm and Sleeps by 10 pm.
When asked about outings - I was happy to know that outings are not more than thrice a month and that too either buffet breakfast or Luncheons!
( I am always a fan of people who prefer Luncheons and Breakfasts and of course High Tea!)

I even happened to ask her

1) Why did you come for consultation before Diwali and that too when the festive and wedding season is approaching?
To which her response was - Since the festive season is coming, I want to know where all possibly could I go wrong and how would I maintain my stamina and energy levels during all this hustle bustle. Also I have a few weddings in the family, so I want to look even more toned with a clean skin tone!

This lady completely took me over by her dedication to Fitness.
It took me a few minutes to ponder over the contents of the daily diet and find out where exactly might be the flaw...
After a few minor corrections, I have advised her to come for a followup after some time.

A few things that keep ringing in my mind and she affirmed the fact, which inspired me to do this writeup are

1) There are NO EXCUSES TO STAY FIT! You sincerely need to make efforts and you need to be consistent with that!

2) There is no age limit to fitness - You can getup at any age and decide - Okay I have had enough of bed rest and sick leaves from my precious days of happiness, now I want to become fit!

This was my effort to make you motivated for at least the entire festive season!

Nidhi Pandey

12 Oct 2016

Start a good routine TODAY!

Hello Healthizens,

Did you know...
A bad routine or
A Bad diet without exercise or
A good diet without exercise or
A bad diet with exercise
 could give you -
1) Low Hb levels,
2) Low serum calcium and magnesium,
3) Low bone density,
4) Vitamin b12 and D deficiency,
5)  Acidity and accompanied cardiac issues and blood pressure and diabetes issues,
6) Frequent headaches,
7) Painful cycles,
8) Irritability,
9) Ligament issues,
10) Back pain,
11) Frequent bouts of illness,
12) Severe mood swings,
13) Lethargy and exhaustion,
14) Constant craving for good food and rest
15) FAST AGEING of skin,  bone and joints and BRAIN TOO!!!
this is just the tip of the ice-berg...
Stop thinking start doing..
Start a good routine for yourself and most importantly for your children. Consult a good dietitian today!


Nidhi Pandey
M 8871443331

29 Sep 2016

Happy news for people from Army background

Hello Healthizens,

Wish to share this new initiative for people from Army (Defense) Background.

For 40 days of counselling opted, you get 40 days of counselling session honorary i.e  Free counselling for 40 more days.

This applies to
1) Army officer themselves
2) Their wife or children
3) Their parents.

This initiative is taken with reference to WORLD HEART DAY which is celebrated on 29th September every year and with reference to Surgical Strike done by the Indian Army.



13 Sep 2016

Joined as a Diet Expert for Nutrelahealth.com

Hello Healthizens,

Wanted to share a great news!
To write about health has always been a passion.

This passion has taken a step forward in the form of getting associated with a brand of International repute - "NUTRELA"  in online venture "Nutrelahealth.com" in their Panel of Experts as a Diet expert.

I would like to thank Nutrela for giving me this opportunity for voicing my opinion to an even larger audience.

I have posted my first blog on their portal and here is the link to it - Choice to stay Healthy! Do drop in your valuable comments.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Fb - Nidhi Shukla Pandey
For Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
M - 8871443331, 07554233984