22 Jun 2019

How would you make me lose weight ?!?! Story 1

A brief conversation that I have often
Either with the client or the clients parents..

Story 1
Over the phone.

Client - Mam I want to lose weight.

Me -
Q 1 -  Do  you have a time frame in mind ?
Q 2 - How determined are you to lose weight?
Q 3 - Your weightloss  shall depend whether you have certain associated defeciency or not.

Client - I want to lose weight in one month, atleast the double chin should go in 15 days, I can stay without food all day long..and would eat whatever you say. I have a wedding to attend and I want to look good.

Me - What's your current weight and height ?
Client - 87kgs , 5'5'.

This is a very normal conversation ..you would feel. But think about it rationally did you take 15 days to gain all the weight that you are carrying right now ?
 Or it happened gradually ?

Also please understand that sustainable weight loss shall happen step by step and systematically only.
You can try various fad diets..
And if you want to try fad diets do them on your own..
But go to a dietician with slightly realistic goals.
(Whether it is online or offline)

Good luck !

27 Feb 2019

Casual Notes

Just a casual note.

Client - what's your fees ?
Me - 3000 per month for Bhopal people.
4000/- per month for people outside Bhopal.

Client -
Q 1) Isn't this too much. 
Answer 1) If you feel your health is a CHEAP AFFAIR ,that's your choice and preference

Q 2)Why don't you do a demo session or a trial session for a fortnight.

Answer 2) When you were eating outside food in buffet or parties or just like that outings, were you given demo food at that time? If yes - Surprisingly you opted for a thing that made you unhealthy Everytime !!!

Q 3) Do I need to get all the blood tests done?

Answer 3) Oh Yes. I never take clients without blood tests, because what we eat as a part of good diet, works on jnprovingyour blood picture (things like packed cell volume,red cell distribution width,mean corpuscular heamoglobin and so on and all these parameters affect your hairfall, thyroid,B12, vitamin D, kidney stone formation,gall bladder stkbe formation and so on )

Q 4) How fast can I loose weight?
Answer 4) Your weight loss is inversely proportional to the speed with which you gained it.
In 30's you would loose approx 10 kgs in one year with good diet and workouts and also have a better blood picture
In 40's you take 2 years.
In 50's maybe 3-4.
Why ?? Well because a machine has a limited life. If you abuse it in the initial years of your life, you pay later !

Q 5) But do I have to eat and workout later also?

Answer 5)My dear - try keeping your car, in neutral for the whole day long, and sometimes refill it with petrol, sometime with diesel and sometimes with kerosene and sometimes with water too ! Let's see how well would it function then ?
If yes - try doing the same yo yourself - good food for a day and bad food for a week and then repeat.

Q 6) But my friend lost xyz kgs through a shake and Intermittent fasting and therapies and massage.

Answer 6) - So you can do exactly the same. Have I stopped you ? Rush towards deterioration !!!!! And wish you good luck too !

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