10 Feb 2018

Achaar and a lot more - New products launched.

Hello Healthizens!

We are launching our new product category which is in partnership with a very dear friend and an excellent cook.

"Achaar and a lot more home made products"
(They are yet to decide a brand name and a logo for the same)

We both tweaked the recipes a little after a lot of discussion. We are trying to bring in as much traditional recipes as we can. We are also shipping it outside Bhopal.

1) Winter Season variant - Garlic, Ginger and Green chilli in Lemon juice 
( available from October to Feb )

2) Green chilli achaar 

3) Nibu ka achaar (Khatta Meetha)

4) Amla achaar 
(Winter season variant available from November to January)

5) Gajar Gobhi Shaljam achaar
(Winter season variant available from November to January)

6) Lal mirch bharwa  

7) Kacchi haldi + Kaccha Adrak 
(Excellent antioxidant and especially good for people with Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart problems)
(Winter season variant available from November to January)

8) Mirch ka peeli raai ki dal wala achaar 

9) Bajra Tikki (sweet) - Excellent for in between meal snacking. High fibre, Iron rich and super tasty!

10) Nibu Adrak Hari Mirch ka achaar 

11) Kathal ka achar  

12) Nibu ka lal mirch wala achar  

13) Nibu ka khatta meetha achar ( 1 year old) 
Excellent for intestinal or stomach related problems.

14) Aam ki chutney 
Summer season variant - 
Shall be available from March 1st to August 31st 
(subject to availability)
Excellent digestive, superb replacement for the sauces that we generally use.

A few necessary details 

1) Only Salt, Sugar, Oil and Lemon juice used as preservatives. No chemical preservatives used.
2) Filtered mustard oil and groundnut oil used 
3) Please transfer to a glass bottle once you receive them.
4)  Movement is always good - Keep shaking the bottle.
3) Take care of basic hygiene of - Not touching the bottle with dirty hands, - Not putting a spoon inside the bottle for longer duration and - Closing the lid properly.
4) Quantity of achaar to be eaten at one time of meal should not exceed 1 teaspoon. And for people who have blood pressure and heart problems - it is  strict no at dinner-time.
5) Seasonal achaars would be available only in the season.
eg: Gajar Gobhi Shaljam ka achar, Sem ka achar, Chana and Aam ka achar etc.

6) We make things to order, except for a few variants which are seasonal and need to be prepared in season only and that is the reason we take a time period of 10-15 days to furnish the order.

More variants getting launched pretty soon.
The introductory pricing is 
Rs.150 for 250 gms (of all the variants mentioned above)
Minimum order value has to be Rs.300/ -
Courier / Shipping charges would be extra.
We are based in Bhopal.

For other details please drop an email on Dietician.nidhipandey@gmail.com
or contact on 07554233984 or M 8871443331

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