3 Oct 2017

10 tips for the Proud Homemakers!

Hey There!

Being a Home-maker is the toughest job because it includes all the possible odd jobs. Others might work for merely 10-14 hours, but a homemaker never stops, never takes a leave and is always available! This post is for all such proud homemakers 

1) Ensure your Water intake to be optimum (More working hours you see!) Optimum is 13-15 glasses of water. Do not confuse liquids with water. The intake of pure crystal clear non-aerated water should be more than optimum! Infused waters could be a great addition to this.

2) Do not drink lot of water before or after your meals. instead keep a gap of 30-45 minutes, this would prevent you from bloating. Drinking water immediately after meals leads to dilution of digestive juices secreted in your stomach which eventually leads to improper mixing of the digestive juices with the food.

3) When in hurry during the Morning hours instead of staying hungry - Grab some dry fruits (preferably soaked) or any fruit which is easy to eat( My favourite picks are - Banana or Apple or Guava or Cheeku)

4) Keep Sprouts or soaked Pulses always in your kitchen its the best easy to eat and easy to make snack! You could make quick snacks out of them or even use them to make a chutney!

5) Keep some or the other type of chutney always for meals e.g.: Coconut Chutney, Imli (Tamarind) Chutney , Dhania (Green Coriander) chutney, Pudina (Mint) Chutney, Karaunda (Cranberry) Chutney, Kacche Aam (Raw Mango) ki chutney etc. These are loaded with anti-oxidants, lesser in calories and serve as a great accompaniment to your meals.

6) Salads are a must. Tomatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, lettuce etc. Make sure you have your daily dose of salads. They up the quotient of soluble fibre, vitamin and mineral in your body! The fibre in them makes you feel full and hence reduces your overall food intake! 

7) Engage in any 1 physical activity. When I say physical activity, I mean intense physical activity - Swimming, Dance, Yoga, Aerobics, Brisk walking etc.. Physical activity of any kind keeps you free from toxins. One of my favourite celeb Gul Panag says: A 30 minute Run is the best facial one could have!

8) If you indulge in making delicious gravy laden foods or super yummy bakery items for your family - let them be for your Family Only! If you want to stay in SHAPE Make sure you don't fall a prey to your taste-buds. 

9) Always read 'The Labels on the Food Products'.

E.g.1-You should know the sauce that you purchase contains how much of tomato puree and Preservatives.
E.g.- If your children/family are not fond of eating vegetables and you opt for a healthy atta, that doesn't ensure the optimum fibre content in the meals of your family. The fibre from vegetables cannot be replaced from the ones in atta -Both are very different!

10) Sleep on time, if you are unable to sleep on time at Night, make sure you take your Power Nap during the afternoon.

Smile at yourself everytime you see the mirror ! !  This happiness would release happy hormones which in turn would help you get better secretion of your hormones and once your hormonal cycle is set straight, good health is just round the corner!


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  1. Smile at yourself everytime you see mirror.
    I have never read such a simple, but great truth like this.
    Yes, only you can say so.
    can I say: you made my day!