10 May 2017

Lets celebrate summers vacations differently!

Summer vacations are a very integral part of the school education system, of the lives of the parents  as well as the entire economy especially in India. As soon as the summer vacation season approaches.. all of us (whether we have kids or not!) are flooded  with hoardings, flexes and pamphlets and facebook and whatsapp messages related to summer classes and camps..but is there something we could do to improve their most precious asset - their health !
I would like to give 3 points from the Nutritionist's point of view - 

1) Make them get up really early in vacations! And you would feel - Why should their precious sleep time be compromised especially during vacations! Getting up early would not just give fresh oxygen supply to their lungs but this would increase the oxygen availability to their lungs, more haemoglobin formation, better muscles and better hormonal cycles hence a better immune system.

2) Make them sit, play and run in the sun, except for the super hot afternoon hours) - Vitamin D is a very crucial element of their growth and sadly we are slowly approaching the age where even school students are getting deficient in vitamin D which is a big cause of concern! More the movement more the calcium deposition in the bones and more would be the flexibility of the muscles ..
We don't want our children to depend solely on food fortification or supplements in this tender age.. lets help them build their immunity and strong bones and give them a healthy medicine-free future!

3) Reduce their Screen Exposure - Entertainment has different forms. With the advancement of technology the average screen time of children has increased dramatically in the past few years. Over screen exposure leads to many issues like - eye problems (dryness, itchiness and myopia/ hyperopia), headache (over screen exposure to bright light leads to stress building in the brain cells). Other probable health issues maybe - tennis elbowtendinitis of finger and arthritis of thumb, posture issues related to spinal cord etc) 
Lets us try and get them involved in 
a) Board games
b) Some simple tasks at home e.g.- watering the plants, arranging a few things, basic fireless cooking, cleaning the vehicles at home etc
c) Reading - from which students are pretty much disconnected nowadays.
d) Outdoor activities are always a physically stimulating activity for children no matter what the age! Try playing with them to keep yourself also in shape!

This was my bit as both as diet consultant and a mother to a 7 year old child. Its tough but its not difficult... Lets start getting Healthy!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
For Online Counselling - dietician.nidhipandey@gmail.com
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