10 May 2017

Lets celebrate summers vacations differently!

Summer vacations are a very integral part of the school education system, of the lives of the parents  as well as the entire economy especially in India. As soon as the summer vacation season approaches.. all of us (whether we have kids or not!) are flooded  with hoardings, flexes and pamphlets and facebook and whatsapp messages related to summer classes and camps..but is there something we could do to improve their most precious asset - their health !
I would like to give 3 points from the Nutritionist's point of view - 

1) Make them get up really early in vacations! And you would feel - Why should their precious sleep time be compromised especially during vacations! Getting up early would not just give fresh oxygen supply to their lungs but this would increase the oxygen availability to their lungs, more haemoglobin formation, better muscles and better hormonal cycles hence a better immune system.

2) Make them sit, play and run in the sun, except for the super hot afternoon hours) - Vitamin D is a very crucial element of their growth and sadly we are slowly approaching the age where even school students are getting deficient in vitamin D which is a big cause of concern! More the movement more the calcium deposition in the bones and more would be the flexibility of the muscles ..
We don't want our children to depend solely on food fortification or supplements in this tender age.. lets help them build their immunity and strong bones and give them a healthy medicine-free future!

3) Reduce their Screen Exposure - Entertainment has different forms. With the advancement of technology the average screen time of children has increased dramatically in the past few years. Over screen exposure leads to many issues like - eye problems (dryness, itchiness and myopia/ hyperopia), headache (over screen exposure to bright light leads to stress building in the brain cells). Other probable health issues maybe - tennis elbowtendinitis of finger and arthritis of thumb, posture issues related to spinal cord etc) 
Lets us try and get them involved in 
a) Board games
b) Some simple tasks at home e.g.- watering the plants, arranging a few things, basic fireless cooking, cleaning the vehicles at home etc
c) Reading - from which students are pretty much disconnected nowadays.
d) Outdoor activities are always a physically stimulating activity for children no matter what the age! Try playing with them to keep yourself also in shape!

This was my bit as both as diet consultant and a mother to a 7 year old child. Its tough but its not difficult... Lets start getting Healthy!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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4 Apr 2017

Same article published in 2 cities but..

Hello Healthizens,

Hope you are doing great!

I wanted to share an interesting thing with you.
My inputs for an article in Dainik Bhaskar's - City Bhaskar were published in Bhopal edition on 30th March 2017. 
Topic - 'Negative calorie foods'
The same article - was republished with entirely the same content in - City Bhaskar (Dainik Bhaskar) Raipur edition on 1st April 2017.
The only thing that changed was the name of the dietician :)
In Bhopal edition my name was duly mentioned whereas in Raipur edition the name was changed.

Ideally I should become an irate individual, and publish complaint note everywhere I could..
But I am happy and the fact that I find interesting is that - the content and information that I gave the reporters (of Bhopal) was so important and valuable that the reporters of the other city (Raipur -which also happens to be my workplace) prefer to not change, but they preferred to change my name !
While discussing all this I must admit the fact that the reporter from Bhopal who compiled the information given to her - did a wonderful job, because compiling the information is also a wonderful task !
Plagiarism is good, but if credits are given, its always good!


Nidhi Pandey

13 Jan 2017

Health is Wealth ( in real sense) Part 2

Hello Healthizens!

Let's continue with the previous article

Let us think of our health as our Asset and the state of disease or bad health as our Liabilities.
Whatever we do to make our health better as Insurance premiums and whatever we do not do to make our lives healthier as Bad debts!
 Moving forward if I being a mother takecare of my health – I am increasing my assets. If I keep taking steps towards my good health and wellbeing in terms of good food and exercise, I am paying my insurance premiums and when my children grow up I will be transferring those valuable assets to them. They would get a ‘Healthy and Fit Mother’ which would be a rarity 20 years from now!
Similarly if I keep ignoring good eating and exercise considering social events, gatherings or any such things more important and not finding time to exercise, then I am increasing my liabilities. And these liabilities would be in different forms – frequent or regular medications for health issues like cough cold, fever, menopausal problems, back pain, joint pain, headaches, irritability, constipation, gastric trouble, cervical, slip-disc, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure,  cardiac issues, depression, ulcers of various types and maybe even cancer of any organ.
 Along-with the time and appreciation in the currency the expenditures on health will increase by a manifold, and hence the liabilities on the children would also increase exponentially and would become like bad debts that could never be written off! Even if you have purchased acres of land and property for them and have given them lacs of rupees in the bank accounts – Remember their biggest asset always will be Healthy and Fit Parents! And this would keep them happy, peaceful and cheerful always!
So the choice is yours .. be a smart financial planner. Try combining health with finance this year and try increasing the assets for your children and start working towards reducing liabilities, it would take time, but then “Rome was not built in a day”
By a Nutritionist who also happens to be a mother of a 6 year old.


Health is Wealth ( in real sense) Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Hope your New Year started with a bang!

The year 2016 will be marked in the history as one of the most important years due to the event of Demonetisation.
 Every person  of every age group and from all economic strata had her/his own views on demonetisation, to declare the decisions good, better, best to bad, worse or worst!

 You must be wondering, why is a Diet Consultant talking about finances and not talking about her own subject i.e.: DIET.

Lets start with clearing a few misconceptions. First and foremost let us think of DIET as a more wholesome and comprehensive term in the year 2017.

The first thing to know understand and digest is - "You are on a diet if you EAT". You may be eating anything something, a few of these things a few of that things, Diet foods, Fried foods, Low calories foods, High-protein foods, High fibre foods...but whenever you eat something out of those many things, you are on a ‘Diet’.

So technically speaking you can never go On and/or Off a ‘Diet’, you are always on a 'Diet'! To all those people who say I am on 'Diet' and all those who say I am planning to start a diet, I feel a little less happy to announce that they are technically incorrect. Now that the first misconception is cleared.. lets move to why was I discussing so much of finance at the outset of the article..
( to be continued in part 2 of the article)