30 Aug 2016

Honorary Workshop For Slum Children (Girls)

Hello Healthizens!

Staying healthy is important for every individual irrespective of any caste or creed or financial status.

Taking this point forward , I conducted a session for slum children (girls) of Kolar Colony in association with Aksharika Education Foundation run by Ms. Anusha Uikey

The points discussed in the session were.

  1. What are the foods that you should eat to increase your brain power.
  2. What are the foods you should eat to increase your Haemoglobin level.
  3. What should you avoid eating and why?
  4. Why is water intake important?
  5. Why should you workout - skipping, running, jumping or playing normal games in which physical activity happens.

The focus was low budget nutritious foods as they have budget constraints.

Happiness is what comes when you see  bunch of girls very sincere to attend the session and even more happy to give answers!

A few pics of the event - 

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Hitavada Raipur 26th June (Sunday)