22 Jul 2016

Newspaper Mentions - 4

Hello Healthizens,

Taking into consideration, the recent row of suicides in the city, myself and a friend who is a Psychologist decided to take a session exclusively for students.

Title - "Diet & Depression"
Date - 16th July 2016
Student Strength - 10
Age range - 8-17 years.

These are the Newspaper mentions of the same -
1) Coverage in City Bhaskar 18th July, Bhopal edition.

2) Coverage in HITAVADA , Bhopal edition, 19th July.

3) Coverage in City Bhaskar 20th July, Raipur edition. Content is the same , names and photograph are not published.


With this I would like to once again emphasise that EATING HEALTHY DOES AFFECT YOU MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY BOTH.
So what are you eating today?

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

M - 8871443331

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