27 May 2016

Beat caffeine the desi way

 Written on - 23rd May 2016

Are you addicted to caffeine?
Caffeine addiction is very important to know if you are already addicted to it! More important to know if you are on the way to get addicted to your daily dose of caffeine ! Coffee contains caffeine, but did you know that Tea also contains caffeine, and in some cases in more amounts than coffee, but a lot of caffeine gets lost in the tea leaves that we throw after straining the tea!
Caffeine gives you a kick - True! But it also gives you Insomnia – a very prominent reason for the onset of depression, lesser water levels in your body by dehydrating your intestines thus making you feel constipated, increases your blood pressure over a period of time, accelerates ageing by formation of wrinkles, causes urinary excretion of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals which lead to osteoporosis, also causes acidity which can be a reason of foul odour coming from your mouth! And if you are addicted to having it daily for few years, it also interferes with the mineral absorption of the food that you eat if you combine your meals with a cup of coffee and so on!
Lets try to beat Caffeine using desi remedies
So if your cuppa coffee is so disastrous for your health what should you choose! Lets start with our list -
1)   Black tea – Any tea preparation that is mild does not contain milk acts like a detoxifying agent and helps your body fight off those free-radicals! So what other types of tea can you take – Lemon tea, Tulsi ginger tea, Elaichi tea, Lemon grass tea. Basically change the flavourings of your tea daily to get a good feeling and to get a change in anti-oxidant agents!
2)   Chew an elaichi – Since it is a great source of vitamins A, B, C, Niacin, Riboflavin etc – it acts as a blood purifier and removes toxins from the body. It also helps in cleaning up free radicals and thereby delay the process of ageing! (Females are you listening!). It also promotes oral health and enhances your appetite by release of digestive juices in the required amount!
3)   Have lemon water – Lemon water whether it is plain or it has sugar, black salt, rock salt, sugar, honey black pepper etc added – works wonders for your skin, mental health and physical health since it is loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C energizes you instantly, helps in making the arteries clean, cleanses your kidneys, helps in removing dark circles, nourishes your scalp, is good for your eyes, strengthens the liver and so on!
4)   Chew on Amla – Amla is widely available in dried forms - sweet, salty, sweet+salty, spicy etc. Do you know that Amla contains approximately 20 times more vitamin C than oranges! Amla promotes redensification of bones, is good for skin, hair, nails and all tissues especially connective tissues, prevents hyperlipidaemia, improves eye-sight, improves immunity improves muscle health, makes liver health better and so on.. Too many benefits for a small piece of sweet and spicy Amla. Moreover it would also makes you feel good as we all have had any of these amla variants sometime back in our school days – so the feel good factors also comes in!
5)   Chew on Ginger or add 2 drops of ginger juice to plain water  - Ginger chews (sweet, salty, spicy etc) are a good thing to keep chewing in between your work hours to reduce stress, enhance secretion of gastric juices, dissolve the clots in your arteries, cleanse your kidneys, relieve you from bloating, fills your body with anti-oxidants, promotes weight loss etc. However if you are on blood thinning medicines, please do discuss with your doctor/dietician before you start this.
So all you caffeine addicts, next time you think about your cuppa coffee try these 5 options and upgrade your nutritional profile and get healthy And Yes if you donot feel like having any of these  a glass of water works wonders to re-energise you – Try that too!

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

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