16 Feb 2016

Nutrition+Hygiene talk at UPAY FOUNDATION (Nagpur)

Hello Healthizens,

I am feeling very happy to share these photographs!
I had been to Nagpur for my workshop scheduled at DPS Nagpur.
Since I had 1 day extra during the trip I thought of doing something good during that time. 
I searched for NGOs working for the street children in Nagpur and came across this link 

I contacted Mr. Varun Shrivastava the founder of Upay Foundation and fixed up 2 sessions for their FOOTPATHSHALA a unique concept! 
They go to the places where there are a lot of street children and teach them there itself. They are those children who are not able to go to the school due to various reasons. 
The first centre where we conducted the workshop (honorary) 
1) Santra market - The santra market centre was at a very nascent stage and the children had just started learning to read and write. I forgot to click the pics of the talk.For them hygiene was of main concern and they were guided for the same.
2) Bardi - This centre was relatively old and the children did have a basic understanding of health and hygiene which is a major achievement! Before the talk they greeted me saying "Good evening Mam" and also responded to the talk by saying "YES Mam" and "NO Mam" which was like music to the ears! Coming from street children - proper pronunciations and proper way of talking looked like an amazing thing to me!

Points covered during the workshop were:
1) Say NO to Chocolates, Chips, Biscuits and Ice -creams - 
Reason - to avoid stomach related infections and to avoid the unnecessary issues like - dental carries, high intake of empty calories.
2) Wash your hands and face properly before eating.
Reason - to ensure health and hygiene.
3) Eat more of til laddoo, groundnut chikki, rajgira chikki, roasted chana, roasted groundnuts.
Reason - to ensure better level of low cost nutrition.
4) Drink more water.
Reason - to stay hydrated and healthy.
5) Do running, skipping, jogging etc daily in the morning sunlight
Reason - to improve immunity.

The session was of a small duration and the photos are not of very good quality, but the feeling after the talk was out of the world!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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