15 Feb 2016

Kids Nutrition Workshop at Kidzee Kolar (September 2014)

Hello Healthizens!
This post is long overdue!
I conducted a workshop on 'Kids Nutrition' at Kidzee (Ramayana Garden branch) in September 2014.
The topics covered in the workshop were

1) Junk food- how bad it is for your children.
a) All foods that you eat outside your home are junk foods!
b) Breads, Biscuits, Ice-creams, Puddings, all bakery products are junk whether eaten at home or outside home.
c) Chocolates are pure junk and are not required for the children.
2) How to include nutrient dense foods in the diet of your child.
a) Try to include more of dry fruits in the diet of your child.
b) Fruits in all forms are beneficial.
c) Ghee and oil are needed, but the quantity depends on the routine of your child. Eating more and burning more is what works for children.
3) Parents please practice what you preach.
Part 1 & Part 2

And here are the photographs of the event.

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