13 Jan 2016

Pre-conception Detox - Why & How?

Hello Healthizens,

Planning a family? 
We all know that - A child is the best gift of nature to the parents. 

Do you also know that if proper steps are taken before the conception - it leads the child to be healthy and fit in all aspects of life? Mental, Physical, Physiological and Social aspects.
Wouldn't it be great if a couple who wishes to plan for a child goes for a pre-conception detox - to lay a strong foundation for the coming child and let that be the best gift for the child?

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There are a lot of Chemicals that surround us -
In Air - because of deoderants,room fresheners,mosquito repellants,vehicle smoke; 
In Water- Sewage water,industrial waste that gets mixed with natural water bodies etc;
& In Food - because of the methods of processing.

Why should you detox?
Research says that - infants are typically born with over 200 toxic industrial chemicals circulating in their bodies, which obviously they absorbed prior to being born.
For females - carrying a child is of risk -  but when it comes to toxins, pregnancy actually lowers your risk. WHY? Because while pregnancy and breastfeeding females tend to transfer much of their toxin and chemical load to their babies. I am sure that might not come as a pleasant news..

What can you do? 

Start doing this basic detox - ideally 6 months prior to planning your family. 

1) Stop consuming aerated drinks - Excess of CO2 is not needed by your body and causes discomfort to your internal organs like heat, kidney, lungs, tooth enamel and reproductive tissues. And they are also a source of empty calories!

2) Clean your fruits and vegetables with Potassium permagnate (KMNO4). or leech them using simple salt water. This reduces the chemical load.

3) Lessen the use of beauty products containing - toluene, pthylates, parabens and xylene - as they are potent carcinogens. Use less of nailpaints.

(Image source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carcinogen)

4) Prefer a less processed version of Milk - Processed milk is  laden with chemicals, which sometimes might lead to a problem of intolerance towards milk in general and may cause unnecessary problems in your GI tract!

5) Go vegetarian - The hormonal changes that happen to animals while being slaughtered or while being raised in the poultry or while being raised in a fish farm - do a lot of damage to your endocrine and exocrine system. Also high levels of arsenic, mercury & lead in them - don't get excreted from your body, but stays there for long!

6) Increase water intake - Water dissolves impurities and throws it out. It also cures constipation, which cleans your entire digestive tract and helps in effective absorption of all the nutrients!

7) Use home made food - The satisfaction and hygiene is beyond comparison.Lesser methods of processing - put less stress on your hormonal cycle. This helps in better deposition of nutrients and also their functioning in the body. This goes a long way!

8) Moderate your tannin and caffeine intake - Excess of Tea and Coffee stresses your system, whether you realise it or not! Constant levels of stress disturb your hormonal cycle and also affects digestion and absorption of all nutrients.

9) Chew your food - Whatever you eat depends a lot on how and whether you chew it or not? Chewing ensures better mixing of the food with saliva and hence facilitates better digestion in the digestive tract. It also stops you from overeating and gives you satiety setting your hormonal cycle straight! Also helps prevent from tooth decay - a common problem which surfaces during pregnancy.

10) Get sound sleep - Switch off your phone, WIFI, TV,Laptop and bright lights 2 hours prior to your sleep. Staying in dark with some soft music to soothe your ears. Reading beside the table lamp also helps to relax your mind and soul and thereby the hormonal cycle, thereby better chances of conceiving.

This was all about Routine and Dietary detox.

So before you plan a complete dietary detox go and meet a  
1) Diet Consultant - To know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and what to avoid.
3) Fitness instructor - A good fitness lays a better foundation of nutrition and muscular development for the coming foetus! 

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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