8 Jan 2016

Diet chart from the INTERNET - Right or Wrong?

Hello Healthizens

Health has become a very big concern for everyone nowadays!

If you are eating right and also exercising - you are curious to know whether what you are doing is right or wrong?
If you are not eating right and not exercising - you become curious to know where can you improve and how damaging these habits can be for your health!
So what do you do next - 
you search your latest one stop solution 
- The Internet

There are a wide variety of diet charts available on the internet - for different ailments, for different physical and mental conditions, for different age group and for different levels of physical activities etc
What you should know about these charts is that these charts are for people -

1) With certain specific physical conditions.(Age, Height, Weight etc)
2) With a standard daytime and night time routine and physical activity. E.G.- Adult Man with 1 hour of intense physical activity, 3 hours of moderate physical activity and 8-10 hours of sedentary work and 6-8 hours of sleep etc.
3) With no history of Parents or Grandparents (which usually affects a lot on your health and related parameters)
4) Who might or might not have underlying vitamin mineral or micro-nutrient deficiencies that you might or might not have.
5) Who are very diligent in following the diet chart which normally happens very less often when it comes to practically following it.

Be Smart!
Invest in your health and well-being.
1) Go for regular medical checkups and blood tests.
2) Consult your medical practitioner for the same.
and whether your reports are normal or not normal
3) Consult a Diet Consultant / Dietician / Nutritionist / Lifestyle Coach - to know whether
a) What you are doing is right or not?
b) What are the steps that you should take to prevent certain things from happening.


Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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