30 Jan 2016

10 Anti-Cancer Rules (Cancer Prevention)

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Did you know - 4th of February is marked by the WHO as the World Cancer Day!
"Cancer" - A disease which makes the patient's condition worse both physically and emotionally.
Let us go through 10 Rules which if followed can be of great help.

Let us go through 10 Anti-cancer rules -

1) Ditch the plastic - There is a wide variety of plastics that we use in day-to-day life. Strictly avoid these steps
a) Reheat foods in plastic container in microwave.
b) Using plastic/ melamine cutlery to serve hot foods.
c) Limit the use of zip lock plastic pouches to cold or semi-hot foods and restrict for hot foods.
d) Don't store fried foods in plastic containers.
e) Tea/Coffee in plastic cups.
f) Storing water in plastic bottles and keeping it in the car.
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2) Include lot of turmeric - Turmeric contains "curcumin" which is a potent anti-cancer agent, and its regular use ensures the supply of anti-cancer agents in our body. Turmeric should be added to hot oil while tempering to get maximum benefits of its essential oils.

3) Keep changing the oils - Different oils have different fatty acid content, and play different roles in our body.  Different oils ensure different fatty acid composition and hence a better lipid profile - making your heart and brain stronger! Dont reuse fried oils

4)  Include Fruits of different colours - Daily - Various coloured fruits contain good amount of carotenoids, anthocyanins, betalains etc which are god anti-oxidants and helps the body fight the free radicals. Soluble fibre found in fruits is good for the good health of the intestinal lining and the villi.

5) Include sprouts - Sprouts contain better levels of water soluble vitamins, good amount of soluble fibre and enhanced levels of minerals with better absorptive capacity. (Minimum size of sprout - 1cm for better nutritional composition) . Semi-cooked or steamed versions contain lesser amount of enzyme inhibitors hence enhancing the absorptive capacity.

6) Avoid sauces & dressings - Oil in sauces and mayo dressings contain high levels of trans fat which can wreck havoc on your system, if consumed daily. They also contain high levels of sodium which can pre-dispose you to high blood pressure, making the health of your arteries bad.

7) Don't replaced cooked meals completely with raw foods - Raw foods might contain certain chemicals or micro-organisms (if grown in unhygienic surroundings, or if not cleaned properly). Too much of raw foods can pre-dispose the body to have infections internally and hence lower the immunity. (e.g.: Helicobacter pylori)

8) Tannins/Caffeine - Tea or coffee when taken in moderation has benefits. But uncontrolled amounts of tea and coffee in exchange for full meals/ snacks, leads to a lot of stress on your system. Constant levels of stress and constant state of hunger, lowers the body immunity and can also be the cause of cancerous growth.

 9) Smoking - Smoking damages our DNA, including key genes that protect us against cancer. The chemicals in cigarette like arsenic and zinc interfere with pathways for repairing damaged DNA. Each cigarette can damage the DNA in many lung cells, but for all of them to become cancerous it takes many years depending on the intensity and duration of smoking and associated factors like Stress, Bad Routine and Drinks.

10) Intake of medicines / supplements on own - According to the modern nature of drug therapy - they suppress cellular functions that appear to be over-reactive. Pain-killers usually inhibit the function of enzyme - cyclo-oxygenase(COX).
Functions of COX:
a) protecting the stomach from the corrosive effects of its own acid.

b) regulating circulation of blood to the kidneys.
c) modulating the activity of the immune system.
Side effects of prolonged un-prescribed medications

a) Stomach Ulcers
b) Intestinal bleeding
c) Kidney failure
d) High blood pressure
e) Psoriasis

f) Colitis
and damages the immunity completely - thus enhancing cancerous cells to grow and develop.

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