6 Dec 2015

Meal during marathon preparation and on the day of Marathon (Run Bhopal Run 2015)

Hello Healthizens!

I hope you all read the article '10 days before the marathon'
 I want to share with you the Meal plan of my client who prepared for 'Run Bhopal Run' Marathon held on 6th of December 2015

Client type - Male
Age -  35
Number of 11 kms marathon run - 1 before this.
Exercise pattern - 3-4 days in a week. HIIT. Swimming for a few months in the year.
Work style and pattern - Sedentary (More number of work hours dedicated to the laptop)
Built - Inching towards Lean, Atheletic built.
Dedication towards the diet suggested - 80%
Sleep patterns - Normal.
Tea/Coffee intake - Hardly 1-2 cups in a day.
Outside food -Ocassionally but only snacking and not complete meals.
Next Target - Another 11kms in even lesser time frame.

Meal during Marathon Preparation

1) On getting up - Fruit - Apple/ Guava/ Banana
+ some soaked dry fruits (walnuts/ cashews/ pista ) and a few raisins (brown or black)
Leave for the running practice.

2) After coming home - Whey Water

3) Protein intake was increased in the Breakfast in the form of - Groudnuts, Paneer,  Whole dals or Sprouts

4) Lunch - High Fibre Rotis + Beans or any dry vegetable + Salads - Carrot and Radish. After the meal Groudnut and Rajgira chikki

5) Evening - Roasted dry fruits followed by a tea/coffee keeping a gap of 30 minutes.

6) On reaching home - 2 dates + 1 chiki

7) After 20 minutes  Dinner
High Fibre Rotis + Dal  + Vegetable (dry) + Salads

8) A glass of hot water before sleeping.

3 days before the Marathon

1) Carbohydrates reduced from the diet to half. (Number of Rotis reduced, Sugar stopped completely, Jaggery items continued)
2) Fat content increased.
3) Protein intake before the workout sessions increased.
4) Fruit intake increased.
5) Intake of roasted dry fruits increased .

On the Day of Marathon

Got up at 4:00am - Had 2 glasses of Lukewarm water + 1 teaspoon organic honey

After freshening up - 1 glass of whey water + 3 teaspoons of fresh homemade paneer

After 20 minutes - Roasted walnuts

Left for the venue at about 5:30am

Between 5:30-6:30 - 2-3 halves of walnuts + raisins
(1 packet of Electral dilluted in 200 ml water )- 50 ml of this water.

Race starts at 6:30am.

In between the race - 100 ml of Electral water.

After the completion of the race (After approx 63 minutes ) - 1 Banana.

After 40 minutes of Race completion - 1 glass juice (Amla, Beetrot, Carrot and Karela)

Normal Breakfast 1.5 hours after the completion of the race - Upma + green chutney alongwith a sweet-dish for celebration Halwa (Atta)

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