30 Dec 2015

Go Green to Glow from inside!

Even after knowing all the good things about green leafy vegetables - they usually top the list of "Don't Want to Eat" or "Cant Eat" vegetables!

Most of the green portions of the vegetables go down the drain as a waste product, whereas they prove to be the most effective portion of the vegetable from the nutrition point of view e.g.: cauliflower greens, turnip greens, beetroot greens and the portion other than the leaves especially of coriander!

Nutritional supplements labelled "chlorophyll' are among the best sellers because of the benefits of chlorophyll like - controlling body odour, making the skin glow, improving immunity, colon cleansing anti-oxidant action and so on  (Read more)
Let us understand a few more reasons as to - 
"Why should you include more greens in your diet! "


1) Very Low calories - All greens contain high water content and very low density of calories, which make them a super diet food!
2) Rich in vitamin A (carotenoids) - Needed for  better immunity, vision and glowing skin.
3) Good source of vitamin C - Good for healing, good for skin and good for absorption of iron form the food.
4) Good source of vitamin K - Needed for blood clotting. (However people on warfarin are supposed to limit their intake of green leafy vegetable because of its antagonist action on vitamin K)
5) Good source of folate/folic acid - Needed for better digestion and essential for the development of red blood corpuscules.
6) Good source of minerals - 
  • Iron & Calcium - important for healthy bones and teeth, helps heart, muscles and nerves
  • Magnesium - important for bones, metabolism, nerves and muscles
  • Phosphorus -builds and maintains teeth and bones, needed for muscles and nerves.
  • Potassium -maintains normal blood pressure, heart beat and nerve impulses.
  • Zinc -Needed for growth, immunity, digestion, skin, improves sense of taste and wound healing.
  • Manganese -collagen production and healthy skin.
  • Pantothenic acid -needed for synthesis of carbohydrates and cholesterol.
  • Chromium -helps insulin work better
  • Biotin - important for energy, skin, hair, fat and protein breakdown.
  • Copper -needed for proper growth and development, maintenance of bones and connective tissues, and gets rid off the free radicals!
  • Iodine- growth of nervous system and builds energy.
A few drawbacks

7) Lutein and zeaxanthin - play a protective role in the eye, protecing both the cataract and the age related degenration.

8) Quercetin - Has an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory activity and also posseses anti-cancer properties.

A few drawbacks
1) Raw greens have smaller shelf life.
2) Need a lot of sorting, selecting, grading, cutting and washing as compared to other vegetables, which results in longer pre-preparation time.
3) Contain volatile components which maybe lost in overcooking or over-processing. (E.g.: The nutrition of spinach in Palak paneer is lesser as compared to the normal Potato+Palak+Tomato vegetable, because of the processing involved in making palak paneer)
4) And last but not the least - A bowl full of cut green leafy vegetable on cooking would reduce to 1/4th of the original quantity, hence lower cooked portion.

Some green leafy vegetables that can be used in daily meals are- spinach, fenugreek leaves, radish greens, mustard leaves(sarson), spring onions(hari pyaaz), colocasia leaves(Arbi ke patte), Green garlic, Beetroot greens, Turnip greens, Cauliflower greens, Wild spinach (bathua), Drumstick leaves/flowers, Banana flowers, Lal bhaji, Soya bhaji (suva bhaji), amaranth leaves (chaulai bhaji), malabar spinach (poi bhaji), Garden night shade (makoi ki bhaji) and many more.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
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