22 Nov 2015

10 days before the marathon (Bhopalrunner.in 6th December '15)

(With reference to Bhopal Marathon to be held 

on 6th December 2015)

1) Set your Routine - The daily routine of getting up and sleeping decides the level of exhaustion of your body, If you set this routine about 3 months prior to attending a marathon, this helps your body tremendously because the amount of sleep that a body gets is directly proportional to the muscle health of an individual. 
Setting the routine even 10 days prior to the marathon helps in building of new micro muscle fibres, which is of great importance!

2) Vitamin D - Practice in the morning hours to get maximum vitamin D, this will not only ensure better muscles and better results on the final day, but also ensure better stores of vitamin D, to help you recover form the physical and mental stress post-marathon!

3) Maintain your water intake - Water intake before and after the practice is very crucial. A good 3-4 glasses of water 2 hours before the practice helps in maintaining the body temperature during running, so that the body does not get very exhausted. An exhausted body has difficulty in finishing the running and lower water content of body may lead to muscle twitch or muscle sprain.
Small amounts of water at regular intervals - after the marathon helps in relieving the muscle stress very easily!

4) Fruit - A fruit or a combination of fruits 1 hour before the workout is rich in fibre. This leads to slow but steady increase of blood sugar which helps during the running practice. After 15-20 minutes of finishing the running practice, intake of a fruit is advisable.

5) Dry fruits - Dry fruits are energy dense sources and are very helpful in giving you that extra dose of vitamins and minerals. A fistful of dry fruits, two times a day helps in giving your body that extra dose of nutrition. This helps in wear and tear that happens during the practice and after the marathon

6) Increase your protein intake - Dairy products, Tofu and whole pulses like - Mung, Moth, Black Chana, Rajmah, Kabuli chana etc are god sources of protein. A high-protein breakfast helps in keeping you highly energised during a day when heavy workout is on top priority!

7) Less refined products - Refined wheat flour (Maida) and all products made out of it are heavy for your digestive system. They also reduce the ability of your body to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals. The intake of junk foods also reduces your ability to perform better at the time of running practice.

8) Reduce fat intake - Almost all outside foods contain low quality fats. The intake of these fats needs to be reduced! 

9) Include Sprouts once in a day - When the pulses are sprouted the amount of vitamins and minerals increases to a great extent. And this high-vitamin and mineral food if included on a daily basis, helps your body in two ways -
a)Building strength and immunity for the marathon and improving performance during the practice &

b) Repair of the wear and tear that happens during the practice and the marathon.

10) Supplements - Start your Calcium supplement from the day you start to train yourself for the marathon. Regular calcium supplementation would ensure better calcium reserves and also reduce the calcium depletion that happens during heavy exercises. Secondly when calcium supplementation is combined with sun exposure it helps in increasing your bone mineral density resulting in strong bone structure.

Happy Running!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

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