22 Oct 2015

Acidity & Calcium deficiency

Hello Healthizens!

Nowadays we see many people gulping down supplements of Calcium, just because they have crossed the age of 40, or have had a fracture in the past some time, or because a health enthusiast friend said so...

It is better to understand as to why this deficiency happens.. there are a few reasons which trigger the onset of Calcium deficiency

1) Acidity - acidity is a very common reason of calcium depletion from the body. Let us understand step by step how this happens..

Step no 1 - When you have acidity (whether you realise it or not) the interior portion of the stomach 
becomes acidic because of constant secretion of HCL. (Hydrochloric acid)

Step no 2 - If you don't eat anything, during this particular duration, the amount of acid keeps growing,thus making your stomach more acidic.

Step no 3 - The body tries to neautralise the HCL present in your stomach by leaching out calcium deposited in your bones, because this is the most easily available form of calcium for the body, and is alkaline in nature.

Step no 4 - Long gaps between 2 meals also accounts to increased acid levels in your stomach - result - calcium depletion.

Step no 5 - Consumption on antacids which are marketed to cure acidity - leads to zero absorption of minerals from the food you eat - result is mineral defeciency.

Step no 6 - Anything that gives stress to your body increases acid secretions  e.g.: Longer work hours, arguement with someone, smoking, irregular sleep timings, irregular eating patterns, abnormally high intake of tea/coffee etc.

Step no 7 - Extreme acidity leads to severe calcium depletion from the bones resulting in frequent fractures i.e.: Osteopenia, Osteoporsis, Osteomalacia & vitamin D deficiency (because Calcium and vitamin D absorption are inter-dependant)

Solution  - 

1) Try to analyse your body and your daily routine.
2) Understand how frequently you actually feel hungry, and try to adjust your routine according to that.
3) Reduce the consumption of antacids, they do more harm than use.
4) Reduce consumption of Tea/Coffee.
5) Switch to more healthier ways of living.
6) Last but not the least if you intend to go on a diet - Dont do it based on internet research or chinese whispers by health enthusiasts ..but ..
Do it strictly under professional guidance from a well qualified dietician.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

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