24 Jul 2015

Nutrition Workshop at Shivaji Science College Nagpur

Hello Healthizens!

I conducted a Nutrtion workshop for the girls hostel students of Shivaji Science College, Nagpur.
Courtesy for arranging the workshop - Burghate Mam and Ms. Punita Tiwari Mam and Kalpana Mam.

MyFm RJ Preeti also covered the event and had a good interaction with the girls.

Topic - "Good Skin , Good Health"
Duration 45 minutes.
Open house - 25 minutes.

Questions asked
1) I am very thin, do I need to workout ?

2) I want to know how to get rid of my dark circles (she slept late and got up late, also had long hours of laptop screen exposure)
3) I want to reduce my tummy and my thighs.
4) I have a ligament problem, can I exercise?
5) Does eating a Banana make one fat?
6) I don't like Milk what are the other options?
7) My Haemoglobin is low, what can I take?
8) I dont like to eat fruits..
9) I like to eat only gravy vegetables
10) Is internet having an impact on my health.

All these questions were answered in the open house that was taken after the talk.

Here are a few pics of the event.


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