13 May 2015

10 years of practising as a Nutritionist

Hello Healthizens! 

Its been a decade of helping people understand and learn better about their Diet, their Food 
                 Why and 
                               How much to eat? 
14th of May
It was this day 10 years back that I started off as a trainee dietician at Leelavati Hospital under RKHS (now taken over by Sodexo).
Like a Fresher..Initially I too was a bit confused abut the concepts.. because at times practical experiences teach you a lot more than what you learn in your theories.
The experience of working with a different types of people of different fields
viz: Multispeciality hospital, Cardiac Hospital, Aviation academies, School, College, FOGSI, General Physician, Gastroenterologist, Interventionist, Playschools, Corporate, Gym, NGO, Online counselling to friends and relatives and now to clients too.. and Private practice.. The journey has been interesting and enriching.

I might have forgot to collect a few certificates and testimonials here and there and conducted workshops on an honorary basis at times..but what I received in return -
is a fabulous experience of working in cities like Mumbai, Surat, Raipur and Bhopal.

Looking forward to much more decades of decoding the Nutrition Science!!

I would sincerely like to thank the
1) Team of RKHS and Lilavati Hospital.
2) Team of RKHS and Cumballa Hill Hospital.
3) Team of Sheth P T Mahila College of Arts and Homescience (Late Dr.Bhavna Desai and Rommana Mam in particular)
4) Team of Frankfinn Aviation institute (Raipur and Bhopal) ( Ms. Awantika Dubey and Mr.Arun Gupta)
5) Team of Udan Aviation Academy (Ms.Sonali Bhatia, Surat)
6) Team of Dr.Girish Pokharna's Clinic (Surat)
7) Dr.Sanjay Shah (Surat)
8) Dr.Usha Valadra (FOGSI, Surat)
9) Dr.Virendra Singh Chowdhury(GUT ENDOSCOPY CLINIC) and Dr.Namita Chowdhury(Bansal Hospital) - Bhopal
10) Dr. Pankaj Manoria (Manoria Heart Institute, Bhopal)
11) Mr.Inder Sahota and Team JUNA (JUNA Fitness Sanctum, Bhopal)
12) RJ PIHU - MYFM Jockey
13) Ms.Deepti Singh (The Prathavi NGO, Bhopal)
14) Mr.K Baburao (PHQ, Bhopal)
15) Mrs. Abha Pandey (Sewa Bharti, Bhopal)
16) Mrs. Pratibha Tiwari (Sewa Bharti, Bhopal)
17) My Post Graduation College teachers ( Govt. D B Girls College, Raipur)
18) Mr. Niket Khandelwal (Hira Ferro Alloys, Raipur)
19) Team and batchmates of S R Luthra Insitute of Management (Surat)
20) Mr. Rahul Desai (For giving me constant guidance)
21) Ms.Preeti Verma (Mom2Mom, Bhopal)
22) Ms.Ira Dar and Ms.Esha Sampat (Euro Kids & Little Lighthouse)  
23) Ms.Deepti Asnani Nambiar (Pearson Asnani School, Bhopal)
The family (both the maternal and the paternal side, and all the in-laws for their infallible support each and every time - when I needed it!)

 - Mr. Shailesh Kumar Shukla & Late Dr. H N Pandey
 - Mrs. Sudha Shukla & Mrs. Abha Pandey
 - Shrini Shukla & Shraddha Pandey

And most importantly all my clients who have banked on me as their trustworthy Nutritionist and spreading the word of mouth about me !!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

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