30 May 2015

10 disadvantages of Crash Diets

Hello Healthizens!

We all have heard a lot about crash diets.
Let me tell you a few disadvantages of Crash Diets

1) Irrtability - Psychologicaly you feel deprieved, and since food gives us solace, you feel all the more irritable.

2) Low Metabolism - Lesser calories burning.

3) Muscle loss - lesser muscle tone - Loosening of body flesh.

4) Your Body's Calorie balancing and  burning gets negatively affected so all that you eat gets converted to FAT.

5) Insulin response and functioning gets affected negatively.

6) Frequent Hunger Pangs - Lesser feeling of satisfaction.

7) Lesser Stamina - Lesser strength to workout or even move e.g.: Walk, Get up, Take Bath etc.

8) Hair fall - Loss of essential nutrients especially fat leads to hair fall.

9)Constipation/Indigestion/Irritable Bowel - Your body needs all the nutrients in appropriate amounts to facilitate the prcoes of Digestion. If a proper combination is not received the digestion doesn't happen!

10) Once you start normal diet the lost weight comes back with  A BANG!

These are just the few of the long list of disadvantages and
yes apart form this the numbness that you feel once you start with your normal food is just the beginning...of feeling bad from within And yes you might have t start on several medications fr certain types of pains that happen because of Crash Dieting!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

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