31 Mar 2015

Too much of watermelons?

Come Summers and Watermelons come out to be the best to beat the heat!

Image courtesy - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scrub_Me_Mama_watermelon.JPG

We all know that watermelons 

1) Contain good amount of lycopene which helps in prevention of certain types of cancers and amino acids that boost cardiac health.
2) Hydrates your body in the best possible way.
3) Its fiber helps in proper digestion.
4) Acts as anti-inflammatory agent.

And last but not the least... are best fat burners :)

But we should also know that excess of watermelon can lead to  -

1) Nausea, Diarrhoea, Indgestion and bloating. 

2) It can lead to decrease in blood pressure, because watermelon is a good source of Potassium. (in people with normal or low blood pressure)

TIP - To avoid this - sprinkle Rock salt or Black salt on this fruit and enjoy it !!

3) Whereas for people with High blood pressure it serves as a boon as it contains no sodium!

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24 Mar 2015

Healthy One Liner No 16

If you feel Working out and Dieting within your "Comfort Zone" is okay... think again...

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

16 Mar 2015

Healthy One Liner No 15

"Always have/use the complete egg (yolk+white)"

Don't remove
the egg yolk from the white 

Because Egg yolk contains more amount of Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese, Pantothenic acid, Selenium, Folate & Vitamins A, D E, K, B6, B12 than Egg White!!

Source: http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/Egg_Yolk.html

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15 Mar 2015

Healthy One Liner No 14

(Image courtesy - http://www.fitnessquotesimg.com/507187/remember-when-your-body-is-hungry-it-wants-nutrients-not-calories)

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12 Mar 2015

Healthy One Liner No 13

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

9 Mar 2015

When to start a workout?

Hey Healthizens!

Winters are over.. the Sun is shining bright - Earlier in the morning than last month..

The evenings are getting longer..longer than last month..

So when should you start your workout NOW...

All those of you who have been feeling.. We shall start our workout when the winter season goes away .. make up your minds and your bodies and decide a time as to -
When would you opt for a good workout!

Summers help you in moving yourself more because of longer days and shorter nights.

Getting fit doesnt mean

Slim body, washboard abs, super beautiful skin and heavy dieting!

Getting FIT means.. Taking the first step

Starting somewhere.. continuing and not leaving it till the desired results are acheived..
It means from - Fat to Slightly overweight to health and then to SLIM!
It means from - Severe Back pain to Slightly less intensity of pain to being able to reduce that pain with exercise and slowly being able to live without any kind of back pain With Regular exercise!
It means MOVING

                   AND DOING BECAUSE YOU CAN & 
                                                      BELIEVING THAT YOU CAN!

(Image courtesy - http://tpe-les-protheses.e-monsite.com/album/oscar-pistorius-coureur-sud-africain-champion-olympique-en-titre/oscar-pistorius-preparant-ses-starting-block.html)

Got it!

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