22 Feb 2015

22nd Feb - Healthy Lifestyle Awareness day (in South Africa)

Hello Everyone!

I do keep reading articles in newspapers related to health and nutrition and exercise since it happens to be my field. And I am happy to see that such articles are making front page news, which means people are being conscious but are they CAUTIOUS too!

"22nd Feb is celebrated in South Africa as 'Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day"

Why don't we also celebrate today just like them!

Some points that I feel should be kept in your mind if you are striving for a healthy lifestyle are:

                  (Image courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/ahsin13/bringing-my-sexy-back/)
1)Get your routine tests done every quarter (Lipid profile, CBC, Blood Sugar, Thyroid and Minerals)

2) Do not start taking any supplements, unless you have consulted with your family physician and yes do go to your Doc with your latest reports.

3) Do not take these Problems LIGHTLY - sudden weight gain or weight loss, frequent urination, sleep abnormalities, over exhaustion, frequent headaches, back pain or any type of body pain, breathing troubles etc. Consult a Doctor, Physiotherapist or  Diet consultant as soon as possible.

4) Get moving -  Yes exercise is important and is MORE IMPORTANT than your job and more important than your bank balance! Any type of exercise would do! Do what suits you the best.

5) Reduce the Tea/Coffee intake to HALF.
And yes by this I mean Green tea too (because Green tea also leads to a lot many problems when consumed in excess. Shall discuss it later in my blog)

6) If you want to socialize, have parties at your home and eat home-cooked food or have a pool dinner.

7) Stop Smoking. Yes Either you stop it or you don't. You cannot limit your smoking intake.

8) Limit your alcohol intake. Consult your Medical practitioner for the same.

9) Stay Hydrated. (Read: Tips to increase your water intake)

10) Stay Happy and Stay positive. Trust me..This will make the most difference!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and

How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

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