30 Dec 2015

Go Green to Glow from inside!

Even after knowing all the good things about green leafy vegetables - they usually top the list of "Don't Want to Eat" or "Cant Eat" vegetables!

Most of the green portions of the vegetables go down the drain as a waste product, whereas they prove to be the most effective portion of the vegetable from the nutrition point of view e.g.: cauliflower greens, turnip greens, beetroot greens and the portion other than the leaves especially of coriander!

Nutritional supplements labelled "chlorophyll' are among the best sellers because of the benefits of chlorophyll like - controlling body odour, making the skin glow, improving immunity, colon cleansing anti-oxidant action and so on  (Read more)
Let us understand a few more reasons as to - 
"Why should you include more greens in your diet! "


1) Very Low calories - All greens contain high water content and very low density of calories, which make them a super diet food!
2) Rich in vitamin A (carotenoids) - Needed for  better immunity, vision and glowing skin.
3) Good source of vitamin C - Good for healing, good for skin and good for absorption of iron form the food.
4) Good source of vitamin K - Needed for blood clotting. (However people on warfarin are supposed to limit their intake of green leafy vegetable because of its antagonist action on vitamin K)
5) Good source of folate/folic acid - Needed for better digestion and essential for the development of red blood corpuscules.
6) Good source of minerals - 
  • Iron & Calcium - important for healthy bones and teeth, helps heart, muscles and nerves
  • Magnesium - important for bones, metabolism, nerves and muscles
  • Phosphorus -builds and maintains teeth and bones, needed for muscles and nerves.
  • Potassium -maintains normal blood pressure, heart beat and nerve impulses.
  • Zinc -Needed for growth, immunity, digestion, skin, improves sense of taste and wound healing.
  • Manganese -collagen production and healthy skin.
  • Pantothenic acid -needed for synthesis of carbohydrates and cholesterol.
  • Chromium -helps insulin work better
  • Biotin - important for energy, skin, hair, fat and protein breakdown.
  • Copper -needed for proper growth and development, maintenance of bones and connective tissues, and gets rid off the free radicals!
  • Iodine- growth of nervous system and builds energy.
A few drawbacks

7) Lutein and zeaxanthin - play a protective role in the eye, protecing both the cataract and the age related degenration.

8) Quercetin - Has an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory activity and also posseses anti-cancer properties.

A few drawbacks
1) Raw greens have smaller shelf life.
2) Need a lot of sorting, selecting, grading, cutting and washing as compared to other vegetables, which results in longer pre-preparation time.
3) Contain volatile components which maybe lost in overcooking or over-processing. (E.g.: The nutrition of spinach in Palak paneer is lesser as compared to the normal Potato+Palak+Tomato vegetable, because of the processing involved in making palak paneer)
4) And last but not the least - A bowl full of cut green leafy vegetable on cooking would reduce to 1/4th of the original quantity, hence lower cooked portion.

Some green leafy vegetables that can be used in daily meals are- spinach, fenugreek leaves, radish greens, mustard leaves(sarson), spring onions(hari pyaaz), colocasia leaves(Arbi ke patte), Green garlic, Beetroot greens, Turnip greens, Cauliflower greens, Wild spinach (bathua), Drumstick leaves/flowers, Banana flowers, Lal bhaji, Soya bhaji (suva bhaji), amaranth leaves (chaulai bhaji), malabar spinach (poi bhaji), Garden night shade (makoi ki bhaji) and many more.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com
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23 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas! (Become a FIT Santa)

(Image courtesy - http://thehiitmum.com.au/fit-mum-shape-santa-14-day-exercise-plan/)
Hello Healthizens!

I have always had a curiosity.. If our beloved Santa came into the household using the chimney - How would he fit in the chimney with a huge tummy.

This Christmas let's resolve to present a fit and healthier version of Santa Claus to our children ..
What say?

(Image courtesy - http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Santa-Claus-Got-Fitness-Memo-2637369)

(Image courtesy - http://www.getbucks.co.uk/whats-on/santa-claus-coming-town---8185498)

(Image courtesy - http://torque-gym.com/archives/27118/santa-lifting-weights)
(Image courtesy - http://www.balancepointfa.com/already-a-party/)
And become like this

(Image courtesy - http://escfitness.com/12414-holiday-party-december-12th/)

(Image courtesy - http://thefabweb.com/12294/the-spirit-of-christmas-review-of-creative-christmas-advertising/)
Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas !

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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6 Dec 2015

Meal during marathon preparation and on the day of Marathon (Run Bhopal Run 2015)

Hello Healthizens!

I hope you all read the article '10 days before the marathon'
 I want to share with you the Meal plan of my client who prepared for 'Run Bhopal Run' Marathon held on 6th of December 2015

Client type - Male
Age -  35
Number of 11 kms marathon run - 1 before this.
Exercise pattern - 3-4 days in a week. HIIT. Swimming for a few months in the year.
Work style and pattern - Sedentary (More number of work hours dedicated to the laptop)
Built - Inching towards Lean, Atheletic built.
Dedication towards the diet suggested - 80%
Sleep patterns - Normal.
Tea/Coffee intake - Hardly 1-2 cups in a day.
Outside food -Ocassionally but only snacking and not complete meals.
Next Target - Another 11kms in even lesser time frame.

Meal during Marathon Preparation

1) On getting up - Fruit - Apple/ Guava/ Banana
+ some soaked dry fruits (walnuts/ cashews/ pista ) and a few raisins (brown or black)
Leave for the running practice.

2) After coming home - Whey Water

3) Protein intake was increased in the Breakfast in the form of - Groudnuts, Paneer,  Whole dals or Sprouts

4) Lunch - High Fibre Rotis + Beans or any dry vegetable + Salads - Carrot and Radish. After the meal Groudnut and Rajgira chikki

5) Evening - Roasted dry fruits followed by a tea/coffee keeping a gap of 30 minutes.

6) On reaching home - 2 dates + 1 chiki

7) After 20 minutes  Dinner
High Fibre Rotis + Dal  + Vegetable (dry) + Salads

8) A glass of hot water before sleeping.

3 days before the Marathon

1) Carbohydrates reduced from the diet to half. (Number of Rotis reduced, Sugar stopped completely, Jaggery items continued)
2) Fat content increased.
3) Protein intake before the workout sessions increased.
4) Fruit intake increased.
5) Intake of roasted dry fruits increased .

On the Day of Marathon

Got up at 4:00am - Had 2 glasses of Lukewarm water + 1 teaspoon organic honey

After freshening up - 1 glass of whey water + 3 teaspoons of fresh homemade paneer

After 20 minutes - Roasted walnuts

Left for the venue at about 5:30am

Between 5:30-6:30 - 2-3 halves of walnuts + raisins
(1 packet of Electral dilluted in 200 ml water )- 50 ml of this water.

Race starts at 6:30am.

In between the race - 100 ml of Electral water.

After the completion of the race (After approx 63 minutes ) - 1 Banana.

After 40 minutes of Race completion - 1 glass juice (Amla, Beetrot, Carrot and Karela)

Normal Breakfast 1.5 hours after the completion of the race - Upma + green chutney alongwith a sweet-dish for celebration Halwa (Atta)

22 Nov 2015

10 days before the marathon (Bhopalrunner.in 6th December '15)

(With reference to Bhopal Marathon to be held 

on 6th December 2015)

1) Set your Routine - The daily routine of getting up and sleeping decides the level of exhaustion of your body, If you set this routine about 3 months prior to attending a marathon, this helps your body tremendously because the amount of sleep that a body gets is directly proportional to the muscle health of an individual. 
Setting the routine even 10 days prior to the marathon helps in building of new micro muscle fibres, which is of great importance!

2) Vitamin D - Practice in the morning hours to get maximum vitamin D, this will not only ensure better muscles and better results on the final day, but also ensure better stores of vitamin D, to help you recover form the physical and mental stress post-marathon!

3) Maintain your water intake - Water intake before and after the practice is very crucial. A good 3-4 glasses of water 2 hours before the practice helps in maintaining the body temperature during running, so that the body does not get very exhausted. An exhausted body has difficulty in finishing the running and lower water content of body may lead to muscle twitch or muscle sprain.
Small amounts of water at regular intervals - after the marathon helps in relieving the muscle stress very easily!

4) Fruit - A fruit or a combination of fruits 1 hour before the workout is rich in fibre. This leads to slow but steady increase of blood sugar which helps during the running practice. After 15-20 minutes of finishing the running practice, intake of a fruit is advisable.

5) Dry fruits - Dry fruits are energy dense sources and are very helpful in giving you that extra dose of vitamins and minerals. A fistful of dry fruits, two times a day helps in giving your body that extra dose of nutrition. This helps in wear and tear that happens during the practice and after the marathon

6) Increase your protein intake - Dairy products, Tofu and whole pulses like - Mung, Moth, Black Chana, Rajmah, Kabuli chana etc are god sources of protein. A high-protein breakfast helps in keeping you highly energised during a day when heavy workout is on top priority!

7) Less refined products - Refined wheat flour (Maida) and all products made out of it are heavy for your digestive system. They also reduce the ability of your body to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals. The intake of junk foods also reduces your ability to perform better at the time of running practice.

8) Reduce fat intake - Almost all outside foods contain low quality fats. The intake of these fats needs to be reduced! 

9) Include Sprouts once in a day - When the pulses are sprouted the amount of vitamins and minerals increases to a great extent. And this high-vitamin and mineral food if included on a daily basis, helps your body in two ways -
a)Building strength and immunity for the marathon and improving performance during the practice &

b) Repair of the wear and tear that happens during the practice and the marathon.

10) Supplements - Start your Calcium supplement from the day you start to train yourself for the marathon. Regular calcium supplementation would ensure better calcium reserves and also reduce the calcium depletion that happens during heavy exercises. Secondly when calcium supplementation is combined with sun exposure it helps in increasing your bone mineral density resulting in strong bone structure.

Happy Running!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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22 Oct 2015

Acidity & Calcium deficiency

Hello Healthizens!

Nowadays we see many people gulping down supplements of Calcium, just because they have crossed the age of 40, or have had a fracture in the past some time, or because a health enthusiast friend said so...

It is better to understand as to why this deficiency happens.. there are a few reasons which trigger the onset of Calcium deficiency

1) Acidity - acidity is a very common reason of calcium depletion from the body. Let us understand step by step how this happens..

Step no 1 - When you have acidity (whether you realise it or not) the interior portion of the stomach 
becomes acidic because of constant secretion of HCL. (Hydrochloric acid)

Step no 2 - If you don't eat anything, during this particular duration, the amount of acid keeps growing,thus making your stomach more acidic.

Step no 3 - The body tries to neautralise the HCL present in your stomach by leaching out calcium deposited in your bones, because this is the most easily available form of calcium for the body, and is alkaline in nature.

Step no 4 - Long gaps between 2 meals also accounts to increased acid levels in your stomach - result - calcium depletion.

Step no 5 - Consumption on antacids which are marketed to cure acidity - leads to zero absorption of minerals from the food you eat - result is mineral defeciency.

Step no 6 - Anything that gives stress to your body increases acid secretions  e.g.: Longer work hours, arguement with someone, smoking, irregular sleep timings, irregular eating patterns, abnormally high intake of tea/coffee etc.

Step no 7 - Extreme acidity leads to severe calcium depletion from the bones resulting in frequent fractures i.e.: Osteopenia, Osteoporsis, Osteomalacia & vitamin D deficiency (because Calcium and vitamin D absorption are inter-dependant)

Solution  - 

1) Try to analyse your body and your daily routine.
2) Understand how frequently you actually feel hungry, and try to adjust your routine according to that.
3) Reduce the consumption of antacids, they do more harm than use.
4) Reduce consumption of Tea/Coffee.
5) Switch to more healthier ways of living.
6) Last but not the least if you intend to go on a diet - Dont do it based on internet research or chinese whispers by health enthusiasts ..but ..
Do it strictly under professional guidance from a well qualified dietician.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
Online Counselling - nidhi0583@gmail.com

12 Oct 2015

10 tips to say fit this Navratri!

Happy Navratri Healthizens!

1) Keep yourself hydrated - Keep drinking sips of water, whenever you can. Avoid taking a lot of water at one go as this might lead to bloating. Keep a glass next to you along with the bottle!

2) Fast to cleanse your system - Do not fast thinking that you need to fast because you want to loose weight, instead, every time you eat something during a fast, think that this should cleanse your system. This works in 2 steps - 1st positive thinking will set the hormonal cycle on track, secondly - the constant stress of wanting to loose weight during a fast will vanish, helping the body to be more relaxed and hence able to loose weight!

3) Keep fruits handy - They supplement your glucose, vitamin and mineral requirement of the body and thereby keeping you more energetic!

4) Oil is important but within the limits - Avoid fried stuff, but do not avoid oil completely as it would lead to irritability and frequent headaches!

5) Green chutney is a must with the meals - Ginger, Green chilli, Green coriander leaves, Cumin seeds, Lemon, Rock salt. The vitamin C content of this chutney is good, and this would help in enhancing the process detox at cellular level.

5) Have different types of fluids - Lemon, water, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi - are good fillers in between the meals. Combine them with your Iron and/or Calcium supplements for better results.

6) Include good quality protein - Home made Curd and fresh home made paneer along with the meals helps in giving fullness to the meal consumed. Since Curd is a good source of protein it prolongs the frequency of  feeling hungry for the next time! 

7) Groundnuts - They are excellent to use during fasting! You can soak them and use them. You can roast them and grind them and add to everything - Roti, Sabzi, Sabudana Khichadi, Mordhan etc!

8) Eat any 5 dry fruits in a day! - Cashews, Walnuts, Raisins, Black raisins, Almonds, etc . This would keep you full and energetic. The intake can be repeated if the routine is very hectic and  energy requirements are on the higher side.

9) Beat that bloating with black tea - Black tea with Rock salt, roasted jira and Lemon would help get rid of the bloating that frequently happens during fasting! But remember to keep it less strong and not combine it with meals!

10) Got Sweet-tooth - Dont miss out on the Home made sweets! As they only would give you fullness but try them with a twist!

a) Lauki Halwa (with very little added sugar/ mishri) 
b) Rajgira halwa with less ghee and jaggery instead of sugar)
c) Green Papaya halwa (with less ghee and mishri)
d) Lauki kheer with no added sugar and add dates and dry fruits for garnishing)
e) Kheer (with Makhana, dry dates and dry fruits, no added sugar)
f) Kheer (with Green pumpkin, and a little mishri instead of sugar)
g) Dates barfi (Grated dates with roasted dry fruits

Hope this helps!
So stay Happy Stay Healthy and Keep glowing this festive season!

28 Sep 2015

Happy World Heart Day 29th September 2015

"10 Tips for a Healthy Heart"

Hello Healthizens!

Wishing you all a very Happy World Heart Day!

Let us start with the tips - 

1) Get up early & spend some time in the fresh air and sunlight - Getting up early pumps up your blood oxygen levels, which ensures ample oxygen supply to the brain and heart, thereby improving your heart health. Morning sunlight also ensures a good supply of vitamin D!

2) Stop Smoking - Smoking raises your LDL Cholseterol, and lowers your HDL cholesterol, the most important factor for the onset of Heart diseases. 1 cigarette or 2 cigarettes, it does equal damage. Passive smoking is even more dangerous, so make sure your friends are not chain smokers, if you want to stay way from heart problems!

3) Limit Drinking - Drinks give you loads of empty calories. The snacks with which the drinks are combined lead to gas formation and usually dinners happen late. A combination of these things puts a lot of load on your digestive system, and also releases  lot of toxins into the blood-stream, which ultimately results in an unhealthy heart!

4)Avoid too much of Tea/ Coffee/ Green tea/ Black Coffee - Tea and Coffee contain caffeine and tannin which are stimulants. They have a tendency to keep your brain active, but an excess of this puts a load on your system and result is an unhealthy heart.

5) Monitor your blood pressure regularly - And keep taking efforts to maintain it in the normal range. Reducing the use of normal iodised salt can help. Try to avoid food sources which are high in sodium e.g.: Sauces, Mayonnaise, Salad dressings, Ready-to-eat foods, gravy laden foods (out of home) etc.

6) Get these blood tests done every 3 months - Blood Sugar & Lipid profile. Normal range of blood sugar signals the good health pancreas and hence a healthy heart! Good lipid profile signals better heart health!

7) Vitamin D and Calcium are crucial for healthy heart muscles - Keep having blood tests to check you have sufficient levels of both and if you are deficient, start taking them only under the prescription of a Medical practitioner.

8) Drink enough water - Water should be taken at regular intervals to keep your system hydrated and blood consistency optimum. Do not gulp down a lot of water at one go, as this might result in bloating and also burps. On getting up have 3-4 glasses of lukewarm water, this helps in cleaning your system properly. Have 1 glass of water before 30-45 minutes of your meals, this ensures proper release and flow of digestive juices into the stomach which in turn leads to better digestion. The mixing of your saliva with water is necessary, so always drink water sip by sip. Avoid drinking too much of water after meals, as this leads to dilution of digestive juices, and hence might lead to indigestion, which leads to improper absorption of nutrients and hence Unhealthy Heart!

9) Reduce long sitting hours - If you cannot reduce it, keep getting up every half an hour to stretch yourself and to drink a glass of water. Long sitting hours lead to less deep breathing and hence lesser oxygen supply to the blood. Lesser oxygen supply in the blood leads to exhaustion and stress on your heart muscles.

10) De-stress yourself - Stress has a lot of negative impacts like - reducing the water content of the body, straining the outer and inner muscles of the body, causing slow breathing, release of toxins in the blood stream and all of these things ultimately damage your heart. When you are stressed, force yourself to smile, at time faking a smile tricks your brain into thinking that all is well, which ultimately leads to the release of happy hormones and the result is a Happy Heart!

Takecare of your heart really well! It started working even before your brain!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!
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25 Sep 2015

20 Sep 2015

Happy Diwali (In advance) to you!

46 days to Diwali 2015

Are you ready to look Fit & Glowing 
this Diwali?

Gift yourself or your near ones 
a Diet Consultation package.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!
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19 Sep 2015

Does this sound familiar?

Every time you think of exercise  - 
Yoga /Walk /Jog/ Swimming?

Then its high-time to get 
a complete body checkup done and 
a personalised and customised consultation from a Diet Consultant !

Invest in yourself, your body - Its the only place you got to live!
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!
Wishing you a Healthy & Happy You!

Nidhi Pandey
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4 Sep 2015

Media coverage - 10 Diet Tips for a Fit brain


Apart from this the event has also been covered by Newspaper names
Patrika, Peoples Samachar, Dainik Jagran, Haribhoomni, Dabang Duniya and Hitavada. 
Shall post those pictures later!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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10 Diet Tips for a Fit Brain -4th September 2015

A workshop was conducted at Swami Vivekanand Library (Its the golden jubilee year for the Library, earlier it was associated with British Council) on 

"10 diet tips for a fit brain"

I am happy to share the photographs of the event!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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1 Sep 2015

Happy National Nutrition Week 2015

Hello Healthizens!

Heres wishing you a very Happy and Healthy 

          National Nutrition Week 2015

This theme for this year is -  "Better Nutrition - Key to development"

An interesting article in business standard on National Nutrition Week.

On pretext of this week, I shall be taking a workshop on 
"10 diet tips for a fit brain" at Swami Vivekanand Library, GTB Complex, Bhopal.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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30 Aug 2015

Health Tip No 26

Eat well, 
       Eat healthy, 
             Eat clean, 
                    Stay happy, 
                           Train well 
                                             and - Transform yourself

or destroy yourself - choice is yours! 

(Image courtesy - http://cafenamaste.com/gmos-informing-our-cells/)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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11 Aug 2015

Health Tip No 25

So have you tried practicing things?

             ( Image courtesy : http://plantpoweredkitchen.com/am-i-vegan-enough-am-i-eating-healthy-enough/)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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31 Jul 2015

Health Tip No 24

This chart would make you understand why is it importance to tone yourself up!

(Image courtesy - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/211809988697488771/)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Nidhi Pandey
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24 Jul 2015

Nutrition Workshop at Shivaji Science College Nagpur

Hello Healthizens!

I conducted a Nutrtion workshop for the girls hostel students of Shivaji Science College, Nagpur.
Courtesy for arranging the workshop - Burghate Mam and Ms. Punita Tiwari Mam and Kalpana Mam.

MyFm RJ Preeti also covered the event and had a good interaction with the girls.

Topic - "Good Skin , Good Health"
Duration 45 minutes.
Open house - 25 minutes.

Questions asked
1) I am very thin, do I need to workout ?

2) I want to know how to get rid of my dark circles (she slept late and got up late, also had long hours of laptop screen exposure)
3) I want to reduce my tummy and my thighs.
4) I have a ligament problem, can I exercise?
5) Does eating a Banana make one fat?
6) I don't like Milk what are the other options?
7) My Haemoglobin is low, what can I take?
8) I dont like to eat fruits..
9) I like to eat only gravy vegetables
10) Is internet having an impact on my health.

All these questions were answered in the open house that was taken after the talk.

Here are a few pics of the event.


16 Jul 2015

Health Tip No 23

No matter how much do you exercise, you need a CLEAN DIET because 

(Image courtesy - http://www.chicagonow.com/fitness-health/2015/01/the-struggle-and-expense-of-eating-clean/)

15 Jul 2015

1st July Doctors day celebration

Hello Healthizens!

Here are a few pictures taken on Doctors day I.e.: 1st of July 2015.
The Meet and Greet event was orgajised by The Prathvi NGO run by Deepti Singh and was co hosted by MYFM RJPIHU.

There were Gynaecologists from all the good hospitals in Bhopal in the meet and also a Physiotherapist Laga Dubey.