23 Jun 2014

For all you football fans out there...

Wanna Stay fit this FIFA?                                          

And you are relaxing  on the sofa while watching the Match ?!?

Health Tips to follow during your matches are 

1) Drink lots of water to quench your thirst instead of Soft / Hard drinks
For better nutrition you can add crushed Tulsi leaves or crushed Mint leaves to your glass!

2) Opt for roasted homemade snacks
e.g.: Roasted Murmura, Makhaana, Lai (the one we put in the HOLI pyre), Poha, Homemade popcorn (not the xyz2 one!) or Roasted Chana (Black gram whole or Horse gram) or Groundnuts/ Dals like Mung(Green gram dal), Chana (Black gram dal), Tuver (

3) Instead of lying on the sofa, Sit on The FLOOR
a) In Vajrasan

   b) In Padmasana

Or      c) In Gomukhasana

4) Keep the Jug (preferably with Copper lining) and the glass of water far from where you are seated, so that every time you feel thirsty you have to get up and get it!

These were some practical tips that I feel could be helpful for being FIT!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

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