28 Feb 2014

Awareness post! How active are your children?

Hello Everyone!

Read an article in the Newspaper sometime back :

Children's organs are ageing much faster than their actual age !

Some of the points mentioned were
1) Appearance of facial hair in boys at an early age...
2) Age of Menarche for girls is now 7-10 !
3) Detection of problems like- Hypertension, Diabetes etc before teenage or in teenage etc

This made me come up with this post.

A few Do's and Don'ts

1) Don't let your kids sit infront of the TV because you have to do work..

Give your time to your kids. Rest all can wait.


2) Don't make them play games on the laptop or game consoles for long durations.

Explain them the importance of outdoor games and outdoor activities 
(I am not against kids using Laptops, I am against the time spent for such things)

3) Dont't sit idle with them.
Read out stories to them, Run with them, Jump with them, Skip with them, Play with them and Exercise with them!


4) Don't be greedy for outside food more than the home food.

Remember you are instilling these qualities in their subconscious mind and they are bound to practice this when they grow older. 

This point reminds me of the Bournvita advertisement in which the Mum runs with her kid.. Hats off to such Mums!

Family meals are the best times spent together. 
Remember 'Family that Eats together Stays together'

5) Don't use your vehicle to cover small distances, unless very essential!

Walk down and take your kids alongwith! It's a bit difficult at times but its worth it!

(To prevent you and your family from becoming a group of these cute creatures..


Active and playful kids are definitely a rare sight nowadays :)
Make sure your kids are a part of that Rare sight!

All the points mentioned above are a part of our daily activities and there is always a limit that can be set for the same. Everything in moderation is good!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

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