10 Nov 2014

Healthy One Liner No 10

Take - 1/3rd tsp of Ajwain + Black salt
Daily after all your meals (In winter season)

A remedy for Constipation, Indigestion Bloating?

Ajwain(Carom seeds) is rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and promotes the secretion of digestive juices!
Good enough to include in your daily routine.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

7 Nov 2014

Healthy One liner No 9

If you feel guilty & conscious
every time you eat something ...
it is affecting your hormonal balance badly.
Don't feel guilty by practicing wrong eating habits!!
instead EAT RIGHT

The definition of "wrong" differs from person to person and from time to time. e.g.: Drinking lot of water on empty stomach cleans your toxins very well, but drinking lot of water just before meals to curb appetite is Wrong!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

18 Sep 2014

Healthy One Liner 8

If you chew it for long ...
it stays in your stomach for long.

Here I am referring to the amount of fibre in the food and not partially uncooked food 
More fibre makes your stomach full and 
craves for food after a long time (3-4 hours) 
Inspired by roasted Bhutta that I just had!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

Healthy One Liner 7

Drink water to Hydrate yourself 
Not to suppress your appetite.

Inspired by an article on the net which said: Drink water to curb your appetite.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

8 Sep 2014

Healthy One Liner 6

Celebrating every special day with 
Late Night parties (which slows down your metabolism)?

Why not
Go for a Jog, Walk or Run with the family,
or go to a garden and play like kids,
and end the celebration 
with a scrumptious breakfast!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

26 Aug 2014

Healthy One-liner No 5

Hooked to gadgets till late nights?
This disturbs your  sleep patterns and your body clock BADLY.

Reading a book, 
Playing games like Ludo, Chess, Carrom,
Story telling,
Gossiping with family,
Cuddling with pets

see the positive changes 
(Be Patient...You will notice this over a period of atleast 40 days)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

25 Aug 2014

Healthy One-liner No 4

Fruits as a snack and 
Salads as an important part of the meals 
gives you 
a glowing skin and a Healthy body!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

3 Aug 2014

Happy "World Breast-feeding Week"(August 1st-7th)

Hello Everyone!

Wishing you all a very Happy "World Breast-feeding week" (August 1st-7th)

Just make sure every child around you is fed on mothers milk if you wish for a Healthier tomorrow! 

Here is a very interesting video that I got to see on Facebook and feel it deserves to be shared here:


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

18 Jul 2014

Healthy One-Liner No 3

Do you idolise outside food/junk food 
in front of your children? 
Think again.. 
Your children are a mirror image of you!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

13 Jul 2014

Case study 1

Weight-loss is not the primary motive!

My main intention always is that the client's health should improve and weight loss would be a side-effect of it!

I claim improvement in your reports provided you are consistent with the Diet Chart given. 

Have attached client's previous report and the latest report. 

Have edited the personal info and let the imp info stay. 

Go through and think yourself as to what is important!

1 Jul 2014

Healthy One-liner No 2

Instead of using ready pastes like
Ginger or Garlic pastes 
prefer Fresh home-made paste or crushed or grated ginger and garlic.
Less preservatives, low on cost, good for the body!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

26 Jun 2014

Healthy One-liner No 1

Health doesn't come 
by rolling 
some branded ketchup or sauce 
into Rotis 
(for young children)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, SHINE!

New Feature "Healthy One-liners"

Hello Healthizens!

We are introducing a new section on the blog and that's precisely a celebration for the completion of 30,000 page views on our blog!

'Healthy One-liners'

This feature would be a mix of insights that I have gained in the past few years 

a) Out of my studies & experience.

b) Out of discussions with my clients.

c) Out of pitfalls that my clients get into while following a diet chart.

d) Out of wrong information passed on by Health related articles written and published in the Newspapers, Magazines and Online articles.

These tips would be more focussed on Awareness Generation.

Delighted to start once again a new section for the Good Health Seeking Population!

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy SHINE!

23 Jun 2014

For all you football fans out there...

Wanna Stay fit this FIFA?                                          

And you are relaxing  on the sofa while watching the Match ?!?

Health Tips to follow during your matches are 

1) Drink lots of water to quench your thirst instead of Soft / Hard drinks
For better nutrition you can add crushed Tulsi leaves or crushed Mint leaves to your glass!

2) Opt for roasted homemade snacks
e.g.: Roasted Murmura, Makhaana, Lai (the one we put in the HOLI pyre), Poha, Homemade popcorn (not the xyz2 one!) or Roasted Chana (Black gram whole or Horse gram) or Groundnuts/ Dals like Mung(Green gram dal), Chana (Black gram dal), Tuver (

3) Instead of lying on the sofa, Sit on The FLOOR
a) In Vajrasan

   b) In Padmasana

Or      c) In Gomukhasana

4) Keep the Jug (preferably with Copper lining) and the glass of water far from where you are seated, so that every time you feel thirsty you have to get up and get it!

These were some practical tips that I feel could be helpful for being FIT!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

27 May 2014

My 1st (Live) Interview with Statenews Channel (Bhopal)

Hello Everyone!

I am glad to inform you that the video of my first LIVE interview got uploaded on the official website of the channel and also on youtube.
Just sharing the link with you all

My Interview on Statenews uploaded on Youtube

Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)

21 May 2014

Health Tip No 18

                                                      Welcome Good Health !!! 

Sleeping till afternoon hours? and consider pride in that?!?

A few of the various Reasons - 
Vacations post exams, 
Brief stint at your Mom's place, 
My office starts late, so there is not point getting up early,
Or the attitude - "I have nothing to do in the morning so I get up late"

Health Tip for the day is 

"Whatever may be the reason, Don't sleep till late."

Instead of listing down Advantages this time I would go by other approach and list down the negatives of sleeping till late!

Dis-Advantages of sleeping till late

1) Constipation or Incomplete bowel evacuation.

2) Low levels of Vitamin D.

3) Calcium deficiency due to levels of Vitamin D.

4) Feeling of Lethargy and Dullness throughout the day.

5) The more you sleep late in the morning hours, more would be the sleepy feeling throughout the day!

6) Acidity. 

7) Lack of glow in the skin. 

8) More fat deposition.

9) Low energy levels.

10) Not able to sleep early which leads to the next day Again filled with these attributes.

Sit back & Think...Are these attributes worth including in your life rather lifestyle or you have many other important things to think about?

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

28 Feb 2014

Awareness post! How active are your children?

Hello Everyone!

Read an article in the Newspaper sometime back :

Children's organs are ageing much faster than their actual age !

Some of the points mentioned were
1) Appearance of facial hair in boys at an early age...
2) Age of Menarche for girls is now 7-10 !
3) Detection of problems like- Hypertension, Diabetes etc before teenage or in teenage etc

This made me come up with this post.

A few Do's and Don'ts

1) Don't let your kids sit infront of the TV because you have to do work..

Give your time to your kids. Rest all can wait.


2) Don't make them play games on the laptop or game consoles for long durations.

Explain them the importance of outdoor games and outdoor activities 
(I am not against kids using Laptops, I am against the time spent for such things)

3) Dont't sit idle with them.
Read out stories to them, Run with them, Jump with them, Skip with them, Play with them and Exercise with them!


4) Don't be greedy for outside food more than the home food.

Remember you are instilling these qualities in their subconscious mind and they are bound to practice this when they grow older. 

This point reminds me of the Bournvita advertisement in which the Mum runs with her kid.. Hats off to such Mums!

Family meals are the best times spent together. 
Remember 'Family that Eats together Stays together'

5) Don't use your vehicle to cover small distances, unless very essential!

Walk down and take your kids alongwith! It's a bit difficult at times but its worth it!

(To prevent you and your family from becoming a group of these cute creatures..


Active and playful kids are definitely a rare sight nowadays :)
Make sure your kids are a part of that Rare sight!

All the points mentioned above are a part of our daily activities and there is always a limit that can be set for the same. Everything in moderation is good!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

1 Jan 2014

Wish You All A Very Happy 2014!!!

Hello Everyone!

Just came across this beautiful poster and couldn't think of anything else!

So here's wishing you a very Happy 2014!!!

And may this Happiness include

Happy and Healthy Body!

Happy and Happening Fitness routines!

Happy Mind which is eager to obtain more Knowledge!

Happy Heart and thus Strong and Meaningful Relationships!

Happy Mind resulting in lesser Stress Levels!

and last but not the least

Stress-free, Care-free, Disease-free and Rocking 2014!

Remember you have to write a Great Book!