15 Dec 2013

Health Tip No 17

                                                      Welcome Good Health !!! 

Busy in your daily routine and gulping down the food somehow...Think over

Health Tip for the day is 

Take time to chew your food. 


1) Slow and Proper chewing breaks down the food into small particles, enabling easier swallowing of the food and hence lesser burps (perhaps lesser embarassment too!)

2) Slow and Proper chewing leads to proper mixing of Saliva with the food, which leads to smooth movement of food through the Food Pipe.

3) The longer you chew, the more time you would take to finish your meal, hence smaller meal size.

4) Properly digested food would lead to lesser chances of stomach infection because partial digestion has already taken place in the mouth, hence the bacteria would not reach the stomach.

5) Tasting the food and enjoying it also releases those hormones which cold bring you satisfaction pretty soon.

6) Proper chewing means you are using your teeth and jaws and the linked muscles more efficiently hence better exercise for your face! (If you include salads as well! ) 

So Sit back, Take a Deep Breath, Smell your food, Taste it, Enjoy it and Be Satisfied from it.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!


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