1 Aug 2013

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

God couldn't be everywhere, So HE created Mothers

An oft heard dictum, which all of us undoubtedly believe in!

A Mother keeps a Baby inside her womb for a period of 9 months, nurtures it, takes care of it, and later on gives birth to it - 
Gives Birth to a New Life! 

But very few of us realise that we have also been bestowed with the 
Power to Nourish this New Life that we created - 

by Breast Feeding the Baby...

Any Top Feeds doesn't even come in comparison to the breast milk's nutritive value. Please understand this -

So all you Beautiful and Intelligent Mothers out there

Don't forget to
Exclusively Breast Feed your child for the 
first 6 months without fail

Healthizenblog wishes all the lovely Lactating Mothers

                                                      Breast Feeding Week!

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy SHINE 

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