29 Jun 2013

5 Ways To Improve Your Diet Routine Part 5 of 5

Hello Healthizens!

Hope you are following the 4 tips already mentioned in this series of posts

1)Part 1 of 5 - Include variety of vegetables in your diet
2)Part 2 of 5 Prefer to have your bowl of Soup, Salad, Curd /Buttermilk before Meals.
3) Part 3 of 5 Munching is good, but only when you munch the right things.
4) Part 4 of 5 Eat a lot of In Season things( fruits and vegetables).
5) Part 5 of 5 All of this should be a component of your meals during the entire day: 
   Roti, 1 dry Vegetable, 1 Gravy Vegetable, Dal, Rice, Salad, Curd/Buttermilk. 

and are trying to incorporate the Health Tips given in this blog in your daily routine.
Good Luck with that!
Summers have started in my city, So I feel this this article "Tips to increase your water intake" should make a good read!

5) All of this should be a component of your meals during the entire day: 
Chapati/  Roti, 1 Big Katori (Seasonal)Vegetable, Dal, Rice, Salad(all seasonal raw veggies, this includes Sprouts too!), Curd/Buttermilk and last but not the least - Fruits.

When you include all of this in your Diet, you get all the essential nutrients, necessary for your body.

Excuses such as
  • I don't get time to eat things like Sprouts/Salads/Fruits.
    (Time is the same with everyone, You need to manage!
    After all Looking good comes with a Price Tag!)
  • How do I make Sprouts I stay in a hostel/PG!
    (Making Sprouts is a very simple thing, Shall be writing a post on that soon!)
  • Salads take a long time to cut and eat  - both.
    (Yes they do, but uncut salads or salads cut in Big pieces make for a very good facial exercise!
    Try it out!)
  • I do not like Dal, I prefer eating veggies with Roti.
    (Dal gives you your essential Proteins- which is good for your Muscles and Skin!
    Make sure you dont skip on it!)
  • I prefer having only Roti, Sabzi and Dal, and usually avoid Rice because it has more calories
    (Read Why should you have Dal and Rice together?)
  • I am in a hurry so I somehow gulp down the Dal, Rice and Vegetable that comes in my tiffin and skip eating Rotis.
    (Read Concentrate on your Food when you eat)
  • I do not like to carry tiffin at work so I prefer eating Outside, whatever is easily available.
    (Trust me - According to Dietetics - Homemade Food is Best in terms of Nutrition, Hygiene, Calories and Satisfaction :) whereas outside food is doubtful in terms of Nutrition and hygiene and definitely more in calories Plus it comes at a higher Price!)
Are pretty lame and please keep it in mind that if you are making them on a daily basis they are leaving your body undernourished! and very soon this is going to create long lasting impressions on your face and your body on the whole...

Make sure that you work out towards the solution (If you give such excuses pretty often)
and decide - How will you manage to eat these things in the time span of 1 day.
I guess I have covered the basic points which according to me can IMPROVE YOUR DIET ROUTINE.

Any questions or queries are always welcome.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy. SHINE