30 May 2013

Health Tip No 12

Get up early and soak Yourself in the Early Morning Sun for atleast 20 minutes. 


1) Early morning sunlight is the best for absorbing Vitamin D, and hence good for your bones, since Vitamin D helps with Calcium absorption.

2) Getting up early has a lot of other benefits like - Better Bowel Movements, Better sleep cycle, relaxed start to the day etc.

3) After 30, for Men and Women both - Bone mass undergoes a very slow and steady decline. 

            So getup early to pep up your Calcium stores!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!


  1. I have been reading the tips for a long time, my bad never wrote a comment. I love reading these tips. They are so simple, apt and upto the mark. I hate reading loooooong articles :) Keep up the hard work:)

  2. Hey Shweta! Thankyou for those lovely words! And good to see people are regular on the blog!