15 Mar 2013

Health Tip No 8

To reduce the intake of Packaged Junk foods - like Noodles , Chips, Puffed and flaked cereals...

Buy SINGLE Packs instead of Double packs or the Mega Saver packs or the ones with 
10-20-25-30-40% discounts.


1) Would reduce your intake of Packaged Junk and hence the intake of unnecessary calories which come with them!

2) Pocket friendly!
(Or else we tend to put up a lot of money in buying such low on nutrition things.

3) Saves space in your kitchen shelf to stock something more Nutritious and more Healthy!
( if you see those packs lying in the shelves you are tempted to make them and eat them, Just eliminate this possibility, Difficult buy worth trying!)

4) Would motivate you to try and make something Fresh :) 
(This would be the best advantage!)

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!