28 Dec 2012

New Feature - Chef's Tip

Hello Healthizens!

We are Proud Happy and Delighted to introduce another new section on the blog

1) 'Chef's Tip' (Useful Tips for Cooking)

This is a feature initiated by my Mum - Mrs.Sudha Shukla. She has taken Cooking classes for several years and is super passionate about cooking good (Read Nutritious)food at home!

I am proud to say that she cooks the most yumm food (which obviously every Mother does!) but most importantly because before I started eating out, no dish was new to me and yes that includes Soups, Desserts, Chinese, Moghlai, Baked dishes, Continental..huhh. 
but Not Thai and Mexican and Italian, coz these were not in my knowledge during my school days and by the time I knew bout it, I myself had developed interest in cooking!

The basic principles that she follows while cooking are
a) Inclusion of almost every seasonal veggie and green leafy veggie possible.
b) Inclusion of almost all roots and tubers and spices and condiments.
c) Minimum expenditure of LPG (Very important now that the LPG Cylinders have 
    become such a hot topic of discussion)
d) Preference for Fresh home cooked food.
e) Variety.
f) Extracts of instructions and teachings from My Dadi and Nani included in all the recipes.

After a lot of coaxing she has finally agreed to give her super simple n easy tips n tricks and since she is not that net savvy, I thought of including it as a feature on my blog. See how Mums always do something gr8 for you everytime!

So all you Healthy People out there, keep your eyes on this feature M sure you'll love the Tips!

These tips would be given as a separate post or included in a post wherever needed.

Take Care
Stay Healthy Stay Happy Shine!!!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment. I agree that as new moms we need to innovative. Following your blog and would love to see some easy healthy cooking tips and recipes.