29 Dec 2012

Health Tip No 7

This Winter..

If you want to take maximum benefit of seasonal foods... Try Radishes! 
White one and the other varieties (whatever is easily available to you)...

Nutritionally Rich in:
  1. Fibre - Hence adds bulk to diet, Good for Diabetes, Weight Loss, Heart Patients..
  2. Copper - Good for Nerve function (Neuro-transmission) and Fat metabolism.
  3. Vitamin C - Good for skin, wound healing etc. I guess all of us know a lot about vitamin C the Beauty Vitamin :) (Although the leaves contain considerable high amount of Vitamin C as compared to the root.)
  4. Arginine (Amino Acid) - Good for kidney health apart from many other important body functions.
  5. Choline (Amino Acid) - Helps in removal of cholesterol, hence keeping your Liver and heart Healthy! 
And a lot many nutrients.. which help your overall body functions.

The best advantage that I find is it acts as a very good mouth freshener!

  1. Add it to your salads for that daily dose of nutrition. (Chef's Tip: For a better taste and good digestibility have it with Rock Salt)
  2. Make delicious veggie from the Leafy part of it.Chances are that you would get it free because not many people are interested in buying the leaves (Savings you see!) (Chef's Tip: Make it in Mustard oil +tempering with Garlic & Dried Red Chillies and at the end add some oil and mix chickpea flour in it as per requirement)
  3. Make veggie out of the root. (Chef's Tip: Temper with cumin seeds, add hing, turmeric and salt only, for a better taste of Radish - do not overcook!)
  4. Make delicious Stuffed Parathas out of it. (Chef's Tip: Add grated radish to wheat flour, knead the dough, add Hing, Turmeric, Coriander leaves, Crushed garlic, Green chillies and salt, and cook the Parathas in Mustard oil.)

Do let me know If you did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Take care!
Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!


  1. Nice and healthy post. Never knew that radishes are so great :)

    Wishing U and UR family a very Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Jahid! Glad that you liked the post.. Do try to follow it in your Det routine too! Wish you too a very Happy New Year. BTW Have gnoe thru your blog.. nice write-ups you have !

  3. ty for the info.. nice post
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