17 Dec 2012

Health Tip No 6

This Winter..
Don't let the cold weather dehydrate your body ...
                                 Keep drinking lot of water in winters too!

You can drink water in the form of 

1) Water at normal temperature/ Lukewarm water/ Hot water.
2) Add ingredients like cinnamon/green tea, boil it and then drink water.
3) Lemon juice (sweet/salted or both) in lukewarm water.
4) Soups (preferably unstrained).
5) Dal water.
6) Rice water. 
7) Dalia (broken wheat) water. 
8) Water with cloves boiled in it (to beat the cold and bad throat)
9) Kadha the ancient Indian concoction to keep you warm and healthy.


1) Aids digestion(by keeping the flow of digestive juices at the optimum level) since we tend to consume a lot of things (Courtesy - the weather which boosts our appetite.)
2) Relieves you of constipation (if any).
3) If you work constantly on laptops/computer screens, this would ensure your eyes not being too dry.
4) Hydrates the body, Cleans the colon, hence your skin keeps shining.

Wish you a very happy and hydrated Winter!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!


  1. Nice one...can you pls suggest alternatives for butter? It's very cold in the UK..feel very hungry all the time........ If you can suggest some good quick low calorie snacks idea...it would be wonderful. Thanks

  2. Hi Tanya! Would surely put up a post on that though it'll take some time
    Till then why don't you go through one of my previous post titled 'Munching is good but only when you munch the right things'

  3. Thanks for giving so many options enlisted to-gather.
    I shall try and let you know my own experience.

  4. Sure Sir! would wait for the same!