28 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 4

Welcome winters!!!

Include Til(Sesame seeds/Gingelly seeds) in your daily meals. 

The best way to do that is to grind them and keep in an air-tight container. The quantity should be enough to last just a week and not more than that or else it would start smelling rancid.

Use this mix in the dough, gravies or seasoning or garnishing..anything u like , to impart a nutty flavor and incorporate nutrients at the same time.

  • Rich source of Calcium.
  • Loaded with anti-oxidants.
  • Good source of Iron, B-vitamins( Thiamin and Riboflavin)
  • Since Sesame is basically an oilseed, the quality of fat content in it is healthy.
A lot of other benefits but these are the most important ones.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

12 Nov 2012

10 Tips For Being Fit This Diwali

Hello Healthizens!

Diwali is just a day away and am sure everyone has done loads and loads of preperations.. Herez wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous and Joyous Diwali!!!

                                    Case File No 4

In a family gathering came across a frequently used statement "Diwali mein khoob khao kuch mat socho kya khana hai kya nai.. daba ke khao, uske baad dekhenge kitni Dieting karna hai" That is the theme for this post.
Healthy eating is a concept often mis-understood by people and termed as Dieting.
First and foremost - Be Happy that its Diwali and you are getting to go and meet all those friends and relatives of yours who you donot meet during your routine lives.

1) Getup early and have lot of water (preferably warm) starting from the time you getup and till the time you go to bed.

2) Don't forget to do your stretching.

3) Have a Healthy Breakfast. At any cost do not miss this.

4) Have fruits as much as possible, but make sure you have your dose of fruits from morning and finish off till evening.

5) Do not have lot of food at a time, have small and frequent meals.

6) Keep sipping hot water with Fresh lemon juice and Honey whenever at home.

7) At home have more and more of green leafy veggies like Palak, Methi, Chawli, Muli bhaji, Green Onion bhaji etc. This would ensure enough fibre supply to your body.

8) Also try to have different cereals like Jowar, Jow, Bajra and Ragi in the form of rotis. This would also be a good source of introducing fibre.

9) Whenever you go to meet people 

  • Finish the glass full of water when served, this would ensure your regular fluid intake.
  • Prefer all homemade snacks as compared to ready-made ones.
  • Eat a bite or two less than your capacity.
  • Have smaller portions.  Smaller morsels help in eating less than normal intake.
  • Keep a very slow pace of eating, this way you and the host both would not feel that you didn't have much. 
  • Avoid ready-made junk like sauces/wafers/aerated or non-aerated beverages, in short avoid all those foods that aren't homemade etc.
  • Walk down instead of using the vehicles.
  • If the above option is not available, Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators.
10) When serving people
  • Avoid serving Junk food (If you don't want to eat it make sure you don't serve it as well)
  • Offer homemade options along-with homemade green chutney or Imli ki chutney rather than sauces.
  • Offer refreshing drinks or beverages e.g.: Green Tea(Hot/Chilled), Lemon water (Sweet/Salted/Both), sherbats dilluted in half milk and half water, Chilled milk (in different flavors) Or even soups (this would come as a pleasant surprise to the guests!!)
  • if you have time and resources try giving the fried homemade options freshly made along-with finely cut onion+tomato+cucumber+green coriander+ lemon juice+black pepper salad! (M sure the guests would love it!)
So I guess that was decent enough a list..Hope you would be able to follow these tips!

Have a Happy, Safe and Joyous Diwali!!
Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!

11 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 3

This Diwali fry your homemade snacks using GROUNDNUT OIL.

  • High smoke point hence the best for deep frying (Shall discuss Smoke point in detail in later posts)
  • Has good shelf life.
  • Imparts pleasant aroma to the fried foods.
  • Has SFA- Saturated fatty acids, MUFA- Monounsaturated fatty acids and PUFA- Polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

3 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 2

This weekend stock up your fridge with colourful veggies..

Remember more the colour on your platter better would be 

  • the level of nutrition
  • the level of antioxidants
  • the valuable fibres
  • variety of taste
  • beauty of the dish
  • and most importantly Health!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!