22 Oct 2012

Menu Card Of The Day - Durgashtmi

Hello Healthizens!

Okay so its Durgaashtmi today and I guess many of us must be fasting right?

Case File No 4

My yesterday's post made a few friends of mine call me up and tell me its very easy to say that include a variety of foods during fasting. But how should we include that variety?

Why don't you give us options? What to eat how to eat? What all to include?

So here is the Menu Card for the day (which I am eating)

1) Singhada atta and Rajgeera atta roti.

Dough made using Boiled grated potato and Boiled grated Arbi (Elephant's foot) and powdered roasted groundnuts and powder of roasted til (sesame seeds). Fresh home made ghee applied on rotis.

2) Alu tikki

Ingredients: Boiled grated potato, Raw carrot, ginger, powdered roasted groundnuts, coriander leaves, Black pepper powder, Roasted cumin seeds, Sendha namak, Singhada atta and Rajgeera atta.  Made on nonstick using very less Groudnut oil.

3) Kaddoo ki kheer

Ingredients: Raw pumpkin (green one and the smaller in size so thats its tender), Milk, sugar, elaichi powder. 

4) Lauki ki sabzi

Ingredients: Lauki (Bottle gourd), jeera(cumin seeds for tempering), groundnut oil, roasted cumin seeds, green chilli, ginger, lots of coriander leaves, Curd.

5) Mattha/Curd as such

Fresh home made curd, pudina/ ginger, sendha namak, black pepper, roasted ground cumin seeds.

6) Lauki ka raita and/or Kakdi ka raita (I have made both)

Ingredients: Grated lauki (slightly steamed) and/or cucumber grated, curd, roasted cumin seeds, black pepper, sendha namak, coriander leaves.

7) Slightly seasoned and cooked Shakarkand (Sweet potato)

Ingredients: Grated Sweet Potato, cumin seeds and sesame seeds for tempering, groundnut oil/ghee, coriander leaves, lemon juice as per taste. Can add green chilli and ginger as per taste.

You can also make kheer or have roasted sweet potato.

8) Sabudana khichdi

Ingredients: Sabudana (Sago) soaked overnight, roasted ground groundnuts, sesame and cumin seeds for tempering, ghee/groundnut oil, green chilli, lemon juice, black pepper, dessicated coconut, coriander leaves and sendha namak.

You can also make Sago kheer if you have a sweet tooth.

9) Green chutney 

Ingredients: Coriander leaves, ginger, sendha namak, lemon juice (to taste)

10) Coconut chutney
Ingredients: Dessicated Coconut (soaked overnight), ginger, coriander leaves, powdered roasted groudnut, green chilli and curd.

Am done with the cooking and eating of this.

Hope this helps!

Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!