17 Oct 2012

New Feature - Health Tip

Hello Healthizens!

We are introducing a new section on the blog and that's precisely a celebration for the completion of 10,000 page views on our blog!
'Health Tip'

This feature would be a mix of insights that I have gained in the past few years 

a) Out of my studies 

b) Out of experience

c) Out of solving the curiosities of my Clientele which often happens to be the friend circle who usually tell you where they go wrong.. and so it becomes easy to solve their queries.

d) Advices of a few Medico friends (Homepathic, Ayurvedic and Greek Medicine practitioners) and also tips by my Mum which happens to be a combination of advices by my grannies.

And Yes!! Every tip that I give shall have its reason too!

Delighted to start a section for the Good Health Seeking Population!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy Shine!!!


  1. Congrats for completion of 1000 pages on your blog!! post some tips for controlling high blood pressure.

     Health tips

    1. Hi Gene! Thanks a lot for the wishes..i shall definitely try and include tips for High Blood Pressure.