21 Oct 2012

Being Aware About Fitness - Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Being aware about fitness - Can start anytime .. Right Now.. This very second and then can continue till ages... at times it may have gaps due to some or the other reasons, but we have to make sure the gaps do not put a dent on our fitness levels.

Case File No 3

I often see people stating (Now that Diwali is approaching I am specially putting up this post) 

"Humne socha hai Diwali hone ke baad se Dieting shuru karenge" 

"Navratri mein pooja paath zyaada hota hai and then vrat mein sab starchy food hota hai toh navratri ke baad exercise karenge"

"Its wedding season so I thought to give a break to the usual Healthy food and indulge a bit"

Please Rethink.. Does this happen with you?

Once you gain weight and loose flexibility and feel lethargic and tired and are detected with certain abnormalities in your medical reports you feel 

Working out and being on a Healthy diet (which I really doubt) would solve everything!

Its almost always just Diet than a Healthy Diet.(which could include all the varieties of crash and whatever you feel is good to eat - type diets or have learnt it over a period of time from your well wishers - type of diet) 

Yes it may be possible in case of celebrities and their kids but don't forget the fact that they have an entire team of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Dieticians to take care of them, 
which is generally not there in your case.

What is more important than being on a Healthy diet is to enjoy the Healthy Diet and the Exercise routine..

Because if you are not enjoying it you won't continue it for long, and that would be all the more damaging for the body. (yo-yo weight pattern)

I know its not easy to change your preferences but tweak the healthy food options according to your tastes (Just make sure they do not become unhealthy then :) )
Or the easier and long lasting option is - Develop a taste for Healthy foods

The key is always being aware bout fitness..always and always.
Do one healthy thing every day

Some points to remember: 
  • Workout (morning or evening). 
  • Have fruits (quantity=soup bowl) in the morning If not that anytime during the day (preferably before evening).
  • Eat green leafy veggies.

Hope this helps!

Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!