1 Sep 2012

Parents - Practice What You Preach! Part 2

Hello Healthizens!

Hope you enjoyed reading and also implementing points mentioned in part 1. 
Here are the remaining points.

6) If you know that stocking items like Ice creams, tinned fruit pulps, Chocolates and all such sweet and calorie laden things, would eventually lead to someone in the family consume it, Stop Doing So! and then advise your kids that we did so because these things are not good.

7) If you know that stocking ready to eat things like: wafers, roasted dals, mixture, rosted or puffed cereals (wouldn't  name any of them ) is a way of giving priority to Junk items, Stop Doing So!

( I am not against any company in particular, this is an image copied from the internet just like other images)

Keep options like fresh fruits, homemade fresh snacks, fluids like : Coconut water/ Buttermilk (Sweet and Salty)/ Lemon juice(Sweet and/or Salty) Milkshakes etc for such between the meal cravings. (Refer My post related to this


8) If you want your child to eat all the veggies and fruits, Don't make faces when having a certain vegetable / certain dish/ fruit.  Treat everything served to you as your all time favourite and the most nutritious food; especially if eating in front of your child.

Do this genuinely, this would not only improve your habit of eating everything on your platter but also reinforce this in the mind of your child.                           
9) Give Healthy food options / food supplements as rewards and make your child yearn to get them!
a) If you do this task you shall be given a bowl of fresh strawberries!

b) If you clean this mess you shall be given 2 capsules of Cod Liver oil.
c) If you do your homework on time, today we shall have that vegetable which is the most nutritious for you!

etc. (these are just general options, and can be modified according to personal preferences)

10) Prefer home made and Freshly made food as much as possible
a) Give less importance to outside food, because if a child in his tender age observes his/her Parents giving more importance to outside food, he is bound to follow the same during his entire life!

b) Do not cook an entire lot and keep reheating and eating it!
This wrong practice deteriorates and finally destroys all nutrients, and in some cases might become stale, which might not be visible to the naked eye, or might not be apparent to your smell as well!
A freshly made Roti with any type of veggie / just Dal Rice Ghee is 100 times a better option than a Spicy veggie cooked the earlier day along with a stuffed Paratha !

That was my bit in helping you develop Good and Healthy Eating habits in your children!
Hope this was useful.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!


  1. wow, this such a good article. Seriously , i see grown ups loading their cart with biscuits and 2 minute noodles and all sort of junk foods and then parents say' mera beta toh bas cold drinks aur noodle hi kahta hai '
    Duh, i mean why do u keep soft drinks in the house in the first palce ? I think parents need to be strict with children and themselves too !

  2. Hi Zee! Truly agree with the statement "Mera beta..." Actually I too have a 2 year old kid and I get worried when I see such parents around so this blog post was a motive to help those parents out.. Hope it works!