2 Sep 2012

It's Monsoon Be Cautious! Part 2

Hello Healthizens,

Glad to see the queries and responses to the post: 
Its Monsoon. Be Cautious!
Too many queries about what exactly to eat during Monsoons is the reason and the theme for this post.

For a better understanding, Let me disuss in brief points in the previous post.
1) Food does not contain raw items like : Cut fruits and vegetables, all type of Chutneys, Sprouts.
2) Avoid Juices, if having them is inevitable have juices without Ice, and without Masala. In this season Tetra-packs are a good option. 
3) If you are having fried items, have them freshly made, don't eat fried items that have been kept for long.
4) Fried foods are definitely better than Boiled.
5) Fermented foods like: Idli, Dosa, Uttapam,  Pizza, All type of Breads, Sandwiches made from Dhokla etc. are a risky bet.
6) Dairy products also a risky bet. 

Okay now lets start with How and What to Eat during Monsoons
First and foremost -
Nothing beats a fresh homemade food, but considering the fact that most of us are working individuals with little time for ourselves and also to spend at home, I shall mention few points which would help you make safe choices during Monsoons.

1) Instead of Green chutney, Coconut chutney, or any such raw things, prefer Sauces, which are readily available.
2) Sprouts are best and safest when made at home. For Sprouts to be easily digestible it is advisable to cook them a little. (Steamed, cooked at high flame for a few seconds)
3) As I have already mentioned if you want to have juices; Tetra packs are a good option, especially the small ones because they are easy to carry.
4) When in Restaurants ask for a glass of hot water(not lukewarm, a bit more Hot than that) add freshly squeezed lemon into it and keep sipping it before your meal and in between the meal and only a little bit after the meal. (In my case this has helped me to be safe from the outside food! Hope it helps you too..) 

Ideally water should be had in the form of sips in between meals, after the meal have water enough only  to rinse the mouth and then have water after 45-60 mins to help combat bloating and heaviness.
(Try it out! and if it helps Do inform me)

5) If you have fried foods as the only option, opt for Freshly made ones.
(Being a Diet Consultant this should not be advised..but when its time for you to have food, something is better than having nothing and leaving your stomach hungry!)

6) If you have the option of Grilled delicacies they are also good. The best part with grilled items is, you have to wait for them, but you would never get them stale, they are almost always Fresh! (If possible avoid Paneer) 
7) Steamed and Boiled foods can be eaten from places where you are sure about the quality, if not - Don't indulge.

8) For those who like veggies - Stir fried/ Grilled  Veggies(Always ask which veggies would be included, ask them to include the ones that you choose, and make sure you include the ones which have less chances of being rotten/stale) in a Restaurant are a good option.
9) Egg lovers can try different variants of egg e.g.: Omlette, half fried egg, bread-egg pakodas etc. Those who prefer boiled egg, please make sure your vendor is a trustworthy one. 
2 important tips:

a) Ask your boiled eggs to be served With The Shell. If you peel it yourself; no chances of contamination from anyone else's hands other than yours!

b) If you are eating boiled eggs from a Hawker and if you don't want to peel the egg shell, do make sure that it isn't cut before serving to you, because Hawkers generally have a Thread tied in their stall through which they cut the boiled egg and that thread maybe a day old or few days or even months old!

10) Have a lot of in-season fruits and veggies.
For details read my post on Fruits 

Hope this was useful and easy to implement! In case of doubts or queries I am just a comment/mail away.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!


  1. Those are some great tips! Especially helpful for people like me who eat out a lot :)

  2. Hey Glad that it was useful! Do implement them and tell me the positives !

  3. Hi Nidhi..loved the way you wrote..you have touched on all essential points..good job..following you now !

  4. Hey Sukanya! Loved ur blog too! esp the under eye treatments thing :)