25 Aug 2012

Parents - Practice What You Preach! Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

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Case File No 2

Few days back I was chatting with a friend on Facebook. One main reason why people want to chat with me is to solve their Diet and Nutrition and Health related woes, and I am always interested in helping people develop Healthy Eating practices.
A detailed talk with her made me realise that she was worried with her 3 year old kid being fond of soft drinks and Junk food. After a little bit more of the discussion I found out that the Parents too were fond of the same soft drink!

Main Reason: Mother's concern over the kid's improper eating behaviour.

I was more than happy to see that the mother was indeed concerned about the kids eating pattern, more so because I have even seen clients who are proud of their kid being able to drink an entire bottle of soft drink or in that case even eat an entire burger and then claiming their kid is not Picky in Eating things and doesn't create problems when moving out! Is moving out that important than your kid? 
Lets discuss this issue some other time...

So this was the main reason and theme for this post!
Children follow what you do, so to make them learn good eating habits try to follow a few of them yourself and see what happens!
Here are some quick tips that I feel Parents should keep in mind.

1) Learn all the habits of staying Healthy and Practice them and also ask your kids to do the same.
If you explain your child to

'Have Breakfast like a King
Lunch like a Price
Dinner like a beggar'
Make sure you have your plateful during Breakfast, early in the morning.

2) If you are making your child aware about dental carries (a very common problem in kids nowadays), Make sure you Brush your teeth twice a day only then recommend the same to your child...infact if they see you doing it regularly, they themselves would ask you to help them with night time brushing!
Motivate yourselves and them to brush twice in whatever way you can!

3) If you want your child to finish what all is served in the Plate, Make sure your plate doesn't have any remains like peels of tomatoes, coriander and curry leaves or any such pieces from the meal.
4) If you already know that sprinkling common salt on top of a salad is not a good habit, keep a small bottle of Rock salt/ Kala-namak or Sendha-namak(the one used during fasting) or chat-masala or black pepper powder and fresh lemon infront of your plate while eating and add these things to your salads to make them tasty and all the more healthy!

5) If you know that increasing your water intake is the most important habit for keeping your system clean and effective ..

Make sure you have at least the minimum prescribed amount before you advise your kids.
(Read: Tips to increase your water intake)
Shall mention the next points in part 2 of this post. Keep Reading!

That was my bit in helping you develop Good and Healthy Eating habits in your children!
Hope this was useful.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!

17 Aug 2012

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