10 Apr 2012

Tips To Increase Your Water Intake

Hello Healthizens!

I know all of us are pretty much aware about the fact that Drinking water is good for health, for skin, weight loss etc etc. Plus we read a lot about the same almost everywhere Courtesy the scorching summer heat... But the point where we lack is the practical implementation!

I love drinking water and its my favorite activity all day long.. no matter what I do and however busy I am.
Just thought of giving you all some tips to put your knowledge into practice i.e.: Increase your water intake.

Okay here we go.

I'll start with 2 tips which I have already given in my post 5 Healthy Eating Tips That Work

a) Keep a bottle handy - I keep a Thermos flask handy and that helps me fulfill my water requirement even if I become a bit lazy to go and get warm water from the kitchen.
Instead of plastic I would really prefer a steel bottle...Please refer to my post titled : Healthy and Eco-friendly kitchen to know more

Places that you can keep your bottle/ thermos. 
1) Near the bed.
2) Near the Computer / Laptop table, to be precise near your work area e.g.: Office desk, kitchen platform,  coffee table,  etc.
3) In your car.
4) On the dining table.
5) In the garden during the evening hours/ Tea time hours
6) A small bottle should ideally be kept in the handbag or backpack or laptop bag whatever you carry.
7) On the kids' study table and every place where they spend time. Make sure that they carry their bottles to the playgrounds or gardens wherever they go out of home.

Invest in a good bottle.

Few benefits if you happen carry your own bottle

a) You can quench your thirst anywhere anytime! Saves your precious Time, Energy & Money!

b) You reduce the Carbon footprint.Every time you purchase a bottle/pouch Please remind yourself that you are contributing to global warming.

c) You make a style statement stating - Yes I am an aware individual and I know how to take care of my body and my health.

b) Drink some water before meals.

This is a good idea for people aiming at weight loss and also for the Mango people.
In my personal opinion:
    Drinking water before meal is good.
    The gap between drinking the glass of water and sitting down to eat should be of 20-25 minutes.
    In between meals you should only sip required amounts of water, As and When needed.
    But you should only rinse your mouth with water and drink just 1 or 2 sips but should not gulp down an entire glass of water immediatly after your meals because - The food that you just ate needs to mix with the Hydrochloric acid that your stomach has secreted and If you drink a lot of water after your meal you tend to dillute the HCL and hence do not allow the proper mixing of HCL with the food - Result - Improper digestion.

Drinking 1 glass of water before meals helps to curb your overeating woes especially when eating out Easy on the pocket Good for the stomach.

c) Take breaks to drink water and stretch out.

Sitting idle at one place makes Jack a dull boy..Right? So, if you are in a desk job, take a break at least every 30 minutes to drink water, get up from your desk stretch out a bit, go to the loo, walk to the farthest desk to say Hi, On a humorous note -Poke nose in some good gossip going around, Flirt a bit and then get back to work. Sounds Simple..Oh Yes it is!

Oh well If you are a Homemaker even then you need a break, take a break, stretch out..walk a little.. drink water.. refresh yourself and continue the work.

This applies to school and college kids studying for long hours too (due to the examinations) !

d) Set reminders

We set reminders for Appointments, Meetings, Tasks, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc..
How about setting reminders for Yourself!  Make yourself feel good!
Set reminders titled: "Take a break..Get up and Drink water for Healthy skin and a Healthy Body."

e) Aerated drinks .....?!?!

This seems a passe' to me now..You already know that aerated drinks are not good for skin, digestive system, body on the whole etc etc etc...and there is tonnes of info already there with many of us...its just that we need to apply it.
Go ahead..Free yourself from this not at all useful addiction. Shifting to Plain water instead of these aerated drinks would start showing up results in some people in almost 10-15 days!
If you actually care for your kids Do not Make them drink aerated drinks.

f) Do not gulp a lot of water at one go

My Nani used to tell me, whenever you drink liquids - Sit down and drink slowly..there is absolutely no hurry...
The simple logic is when you are sitting and drinking liquids, in this case water, your stomach is under pressure of the upper body and hence you would not drink water so much so that you start feeling bloated.

2nd logic says enjoy everything that you eat or drink, so if you sit and drink water with a glass you would drink it sip by sip, and enjoy the taste..water does have a taste and nothing can quench the thirst for water..and I bet there would be very few who do not agree to it!

Try Drinking water using a glass.

Last and again a purely personal opinion. If you like cold water - Drink water from earthen pots (Matka/ Maatlo). Water in clay pots is cold enough to quench the thirst but not chilled enough to hurt the throat.

Suggestions are always welcome!

Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)


  1. This is really an informative post Nidhi:)) I did not follow few things, now I will :)) Thanks

  2. Hi Nidhi! Pleasure would be all mine if people esp fitness freaks like you follow the simple tips given.

  3. Quite a good work nidhi.. keep reminding us to follow health regimes! :)

  4. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?


  5. Dr Bharat Desai, Bilimora liked the article...presentation with photos was appealing...I liked reading Avoid aerated drinks, use steel modern day bottles,drink water& eat simultaneosly. The best told sentence is ENJOY EVERYTHING YOU DRINK OR EAT. Simply great work guiding all concerned, CONGRATULATIONS.

  6. @Dr Bharat Desai: Sir, Was waiting for your comment on the posts..Really Glad and thankful that you liked the post. Keep commenting...:)

  7. hey Nidhi.... it is really a nice post... and you know what after reading it I drank 2 glasses of water :D

  8. Hi Swati! Wow increased 2 glasses of water..good going Swati..

  9. Good work :)

    one important point that has to be kept in mind is :-

    Acoording to Ayuerveda water should be drunk while sitting and not in the standing or running posture which a lot of people dont know or understand the importance of it, you create a havoc on your intestines if you dont practise it !!

  10. Hi Amit! Good that you follow this and believe in it! I have already advocated drinking water in a sitting posture..but since I have a limited knowledge of Ayurveda..dint mention the specific statement as mentioned in Ayurveda.

  11. Putting thermos or bottles in accessible places is a good way to practice frequent water intake. Thank you for this brilliant idea! :)

  12. yes you are right and By imbibing water in the sunlight time you can capable to sustain your body temperature. By keeping this constant temperature one can able to look brisk in one’s work.
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