26 Mar 2012

Tweaked Breakfast Menus - Part 1

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I am a person who loves all Indian Recipes (especially if they are made by my Mum and Dad..Oh My Dad is the best ! He does all the pre-preparation needed for preparing a recipe for mum since he himself is a great foodie and a Cook..coming to his recipes, I shall discuss them some other time)

Okay so let me tweak some of my favorite Indian recipes from the Breakfast Menu

1) Poha/ Bataka Pavva/ Kanda poha

Whatever you may call it it stays the same a wonderful Breakfast item

Normal ingredients: Rice flakes, Potato, Onion, Curry leaves, Oil, Green Coriander, Green chillies, Lemon.

Apart from the above mentioned ones we can also add things like

a) Groundnuts (roasted or fried depending on taste)
b) Green peas (depending on the season and availability)
c) Carrots (for enhancing the colour and flavour of the dish)
d) Cabbage & Cauliflower (finely shredded, this would help in increasing the crunchiness of the dish)
e) Increase the quantity of curry Leaves used, for best results chop them finely so that they mix well and give a better taste.
f) Tomato finely cut
f) After washing the rice flakes add lemon juice mixed with a little sugar and Chat masala to give a different
   taste from the usual one!
g) Garnish with loads of green coriander leaves (preferably the desi one with small fruits in it) , Dessicated
    Coconut and Green chillies.
h) If season permits finely cut or grated raw mango can also be used for garnishing, its an excellent taste and
    flavor enhancer as well!
i) A green chutney usually of
    (a) Green chillies, Coriander leaves, tomato, ginger (if you like the taste) and lemon juice
    (b) Mint leaves, green chillies, coriander, ginger, garlic, 1 tsp sugar, and a little lemon juice.makes
         a perfect combination for this wonderful recipe.

These all things not just increase the taste, appearance and flavor of the dish but also give an instant boost to the nutritional content of the dish!

I use really very less oil to make Poha, bare minimum needed to cover all veggies.

Hope this helps you all! Shall discuss another recipes on other posts.
Add ons in this recipe and Suggestions for the entire blog are always welcome!

Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)

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