26 Mar 2012

Tweaked Breakfast Menus - Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my last post :
Fruits lets learn again what we already know about them Part 1

I am a person who loves all Indian Recipes (especially if they are made by my Mum and Dad..Oh My Dad is the best ! He does all the pre-preparation needed for preparing a recipe for mum since he himself is a great foodie and a Cook..coming to his recipes, I shall discuss them some other time)

Okay so let me tweak some of my favorite Indian recipes from the Breakfast Menu

1) Poha/ Bataka Pavva/ Kanda poha

Whatever you may call it it stays the same a wonderful Breakfast item

Normal ingredients: Rice flakes, Potato, Onion, Curry leaves, Oil, Green Coriander, Green chillies, Lemon.

Apart from the above mentioned ones we can also add things like

a) Groundnuts (roasted or fried depending on taste)
b) Green peas (depending on the season and availability)
c) Carrots (for enhancing the colour and flavour of the dish)
d) Cabbage & Cauliflower (finely shredded, this would help in increasing the crunchiness of the dish)
e) Increase the quantity of curry Leaves used, for best results chop them finely so that they mix well and give a better taste.
f) Tomato finely cut
f) After washing the rice flakes add lemon juice mixed with a little sugar and Chat masala to give a different
   taste from the usual one!
g) Garnish with loads of green coriander leaves (preferably the desi one with small fruits in it) , Dessicated
    Coconut and Green chillies.
h) If season permits finely cut or grated raw mango can also be used for garnishing, its an excellent taste and
    flavor enhancer as well!
i) A green chutney usually of
    (a) Green chillies, Coriander leaves, tomato, ginger (if you like the taste) and lemon juice
    (b) Mint leaves, green chillies, coriander, ginger, garlic, 1 tsp sugar, and a little lemon juice.makes
         a perfect combination for this wonderful recipe.

These all things not just increase the taste, appearance and flavor of the dish but also give an instant boost to the nutritional content of the dish!

I use really very less oil to make Poha, bare minimum needed to cover all veggies.

Hope this helps you all! Shall discuss another recipes on other posts.
Add ons in this recipe and Suggestions for the entire blog are always welcome!

Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)

3 Mar 2012

Fruits: Let's Learn Again What We Already Know About Them! - Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

All of us have a different (usually personalized) opinion when it comes to fruits

1) X fruit has better detoxification properties..
2) Y fruit is better for Diabetics and Overweight people whereas X is Not!
3) Z fruit cannot be eaten without removing its peel and vice versa!
4) A fruit should be eaten before Dinner/ Lunch/ Breakfast etc etc..

As I already mentioned in the title I shall help you learn again some basics about Fruits!

1) Buy fresh fruits 

Just to save a few pennies donot spend on fruits which look dull and have already started spoiling.
Trust me they won't do any good to you except the psychological satisfaction of
(a) saving money and (b) eating fruits!
Now you see quotes like - 'Penny-wise and Pound foolish' have much more meaning than we could understand!

2) Buy an amount that can be eaten in a day or two depending on the size of your family

Fruits taste better and provide you with the maximum nutrition If they are fresh!

If they aren't fresh
Firstly - your money goes waste and
Secondly - if the not so fresh fruits are kept like that without anyone eating them (because the quantity was more than what could be consumed) apart form the money the Fruit too gets wasted
(Except if it can be used for some beauty packs! My friends Mahek and Bee - both beauty bloggers would agree to it!)

3) Wash your fruits properly. 

Make sure that your hands are clean enough for the process.
Do not rub the fruits extensively, instead let them remain in water for sometime, take them out and wipe them using a clean Cloth or a Skoy cloth.

Super hygiene conscious people can also use KMNO4 / Potassium Permanganate for washing ( My mum used to do it at times.. years ago)
And Yes washing applies to fruits like Orange, Sweet - Lime, Musk-melon, Water melon etc whose peel has to be removed so as to avoid the transfer of bacteria etc. from the peel to the insides of the fruit.

4) Do not wash and keep them unused for long.

Washing hastens the process of spoilage such as wilting, occurrence of off-taste, lack of lustre and shine from the skin etc. So its always advisable to wash them only when you are about to eat them.

5) Avoid storing fruits in the refrigerator

Fruits give out their best nutrients when fresh, As it poor things face so much of trouble while being transferred from places to places and being stored in different temperature conditions, that only a little amount of nutrition is left in the poor souls! Please do not kill them entirely by storing them in the Refrigerator!

Doesn't this go without explaining the fact that fruits stocked at low temperatures at supermarkets are not a safer bet!

Okay Healthizens!

This was all about how to buy and wash the fruits shall discuss more on - How to Eat Fruits and also What fruits to eat...Later on...

Expecting sincere followers for the tips given! :)

Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)