6 Feb 2012

5 Ways To Improve Your Diet Routine - Part 4 of 5

Hello Healthizens!
Hope you are already following the tips given in the previous post: Munching is good but only when you munch the right things

The other points in this series are:
1) Include variety of vegetables in your diet
2) Prefer to have your bowl of Soup, Salad, Curd /Buttermilk before Meals.
3) Munching is good, but only when you munch the right things.
4) Eat a lot of In Season things( fruits and vegetables).
5) All of this should be a component of your meals during the entire day: 
Chapati/  Roti, 1 Big Katori (Seasonal)Vegetable, Dal, Rice, Salad(all seasonal raw veggies, this includes Sprouts too!), Curd/Buttermilk and last but not the least - Fruits

4) Eat a lot of In Season things( fruits and vegetables).

            Although nowadays we get all fruits and vegetables in all seasons, their nutritional content is at its peak during its season.

Other benefits
1) Lesser number of Preservatives added.(added during growing harvesting and for storage)
2) Good for your Health since it has not been transported from long distances hence the freshness of the fruit would be at its peak!
3) Easy on pocket.
4) Every seasons' fruits and vegetables are designed by Nature to suit the season (summer winter etc) and hence Nutritional status would be better than the non-seasonal ones.
5) In season foods taste better than non-seasonal ones! You can try it yourself.

Although Seasonal food can be boring sometimes but its Pros definitely exceed its Cons

A common observation says:
  • Mangoes, Watermelon, MuskMelon, Jamun are very sweet and taste the best during Summers. 
  • Similarly Guava, Sapota (Cheeku),Orange, Sweet lime, Water chestnut(Singhada) taste best during Winters. 
  • Corn (Bhutta), Litchi, Peaches taste the best during Monsoons.
(There can be many more fruits and veggies that can be added to the list according to geographic locations)

So be judicious and choose more Healthy and Nutritive foods i.e.: Seasonal foods.

Happy Eating!

Hasta Pronto (See you soon)

We shall meet again with a post on 'Healthy Kitchen'


  1. Thanx alot.... ur absolutely write,, ppl prefer taste more than health.

    Now i understand dat we have to prefer seasonal fruits and vegies,,,

    byee tc

  2. Glad to know you'll try to follow it Res!

  3. Hey Nidhi, Quite an Informative blog you have :)


  4. Hi Shruti!Hoping that you would try to follow it. Happy Eating!

  5. Will try..hope it works for me

  6. @ Glowing Halo: Hey M sure it would.. Remember every single effort counts!