13 Feb 2012

Healthy And Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Hello Heathizens!
I am sure you must have read the previous post
Eat a lot of in-season things

Well about the current topic:
      I am sure many of you must have heard this - The Health of a family depends on the cleanliness of the kitchen in that Household. I personally love the sight of a spic and span kitchen throughout the day but especially in the morning because that's the first thing I see in the morning!
And no matter how many efforts are needed I make sure I clean it completely after dinner-time. It gives a good start to my day!

So that's the theme of this post, Some ideas to make our kitchen and thereby our lives Eco Friendly and Healthy.
A)  Decrease the use of Plastic

        Okay I know, Pet bottles are our best friends in the kitchen because of their Durability, Unbreakability, Variety etc etc. but this plastic is very dangerous!
Let us know why?

         Plastics are highly fat-soluble, which means they are more likely to contaminate fatty, oily foods like meat, cheese, dairy, oils like vinaigrette dressings.
        There is a class of chemicals identified as Xenoestrogens/ Endocrine disrupting hormones/ Environmental hormones a type of Xenohormone that imitates Estrogen and are widely used in industrial compounds like PCB, BPA and Pthalates.
These are structurally similar to estrogen that our body makes. The Xenoestrogens are environmental polluters(air, food, water) and are a result of increased chemical use in daily life – pesticides, fertilisers, plastic, even fabric softeners, bleaching agents, mosquito and pest repellants, make-up, soaps etc. Since it is structurally similar to estrogen means it will take its place in our body and disturbs every others hormone more specifically androgens and testosterone. Some of the after effects can be – miscarriage, cysts, high blood pressure, mood savings, more body fat etc.
One simple tip- If you buy food in plastic - e.g.:cheese - Trim away the exterior of the food that was in contact with the plastic.

     Some tips to help you out:
1)    Replace buying bottled water in plastic with simple stainless steel water bottles for the whole family.

     This one tip can save money in the hundreds of dollars per year (and maybe thousands, depending on how much you spend) at the grocery store. If that’s too much at least DONOT stock the plastic bottles at home, the plastic used for making such bottles is not good for Reuse (and the company people Do Mention this on the bottom of the packs, Don’t They?)

2)    Do not store fat-laden or oily foods in plastic containers.

3)    Don’t store use plastic containers for long term storage of foods

4)    While using a microwave oven, don't heat food items in plastic containers, even if they are microwave safe, Use glass/ceramic containers instead.

5)    Wash plastic containers separately. Refrain from putting them in the dishwasher.

6)    Throw away Old, Dry, Brittle /Cracked plastic containers - these properties are signalling loudly - ‘Shelf Life Over’ Please include very low quality plastic containers in the list too!

7)    Start replacing existing plastic containers for Glass, Ceramic or Stainless-steel storage containers.

8)    And Yes! Please stop Asking for Plastic bags at the Sabziwallah and also hoarding 
those bags thinking it would be of great use in the Kitchen.

9)    Use bamboo baskets or Jute baskets (hanging ones) or steel baskets for storing vegetables rather than plastic.
Just Remember the fact that plastic simply isn't eco friendly!

B)   Reduce the use of Paper towels and Napkins.

        Sounds unhygienic ..No. Think about the trees that need to be cut down for the making of these napkins and towels. 
1)    Use Cloth napkins, Put them for washing separately DAILY.

2)    You can use SKOY cloths (It is completely bio-degradable - Found this on Internet, although am yet to see this in India)

C)   Try to use natural cleaning agents
      Tamarind pulp, Lemon juice and Vinegar are better ways of keeping you utensils and platforms healthy and smelling nice.
1)    Making a mix of Lemon juice and Vinegar and keeping it in a Spray bottle helps. (It can be used for cleaning platforms and table tops too!)
2)    Lemon rinds leftover from the salads can be used to clean the greasy surface of ‘Kadhai’ and such utensils.
3)    The outer covering of Dry Coconut is also a good scrubbing agent.
4)    Cowdung Ashes (If available can be used for cleaning utensils) 

D)    Save Water
     The most disrespected commodity, perhaps because we get it for FREE!
     Forget running the TAP On.

     Use 2-3 large vessels and according to your need keep hot /cold water in them. Wash your veggies/fruits with that stored water and use the same for watering your plants or cleaning of bathroom etc. Just imagine how many litres of water you’ll save by this!

That was all from my end :)
Mangez séjour healthy
(Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!)


  1. u knw what I am doing all the "unhealthy" stuff.. I have all the spices and eatables stuffed in plastic jars and also buy botteled water always ... but have recently bought herbal baby bath for my 2 months old baby :) .. see how motherhood changes choices :p ... hope to make constructive changes in my kitchen after reading this article ... very informative article Nidhi

  2. Hi Shalini! Yes indeed motherhood is a rebirth of the mother herself! Would be glad if you start following these tips :)

  3. hi Nidhi, really liked this one, especially banning plastics in kitchen! my kitchen is soon going to get a stainless steel makeover. thanks

  4. Hi Riya!You are most welcome dear..Good to know that you'll be changing your kitchen very soon.

  5. Nice tips and totally agree with you, but don't you think that all these things are totally impractical and very hard to follow. If any body follow all your tips and get rid of all plastics then don't you think that it would be very difficult situation.

  6. Hey John a statement worth thinking.. well the fact is that we can manage very well without plastics as steel containers r a v.good option,however if needed plastics can be used during travelling but then its use should be limited, till there only..Plus I have also referred to the plastic containers whose conditions are too bad and hence atleast those containers should be replaced ASAP. Plus there is an option to use the Alluminium foil too! and as far as cook n serve and storage containers are meant - you always have an option of using either glass ware or steel utensils.