29 Dec 2012

Health Tip No 7

This Winter..

If you want to take maximum benefit of seasonal foods... Try Radishes! 
White one and the other varieties (whatever is easily available to you)...

Nutritionally Rich in:
  1. Fibre - Hence adds bulk to diet, Good for Diabetes, Weight Loss, Heart Patients..
  2. Copper - Good for Nerve function (Neuro-transmission) and Fat metabolism.
  3. Vitamin C - Good for skin, wound healing etc. I guess all of us know a lot about vitamin C the Beauty Vitamin :) (Although the leaves contain considerable high amount of Vitamin C as compared to the root.)
  4. Arginine (Amino Acid) - Good for kidney health apart from many other important body functions.
  5. Choline (Amino Acid) - Helps in removal of cholesterol, hence keeping your Liver and heart Healthy! 
And a lot many nutrients.. which help your overall body functions.

The best advantage that I find is it acts as a very good mouth freshener!

  1. Add it to your salads for that daily dose of nutrition. (Chef's Tip: For a better taste and good digestibility have it with Rock Salt)
  2. Make delicious veggie from the Leafy part of it.Chances are that you would get it free because not many people are interested in buying the leaves (Savings you see!) (Chef's Tip: Make it in Mustard oil +tempering with Garlic & Dried Red Chillies and at the end add some oil and mix chickpea flour in it as per requirement)
  3. Make veggie out of the root. (Chef's Tip: Temper with cumin seeds, add hing, turmeric and salt only, for a better taste of Radish - do not overcook!)
  4. Make delicious Stuffed Parathas out of it. (Chef's Tip: Add grated radish to wheat flour, knead the dough, add Hing, Turmeric, Coriander leaves, Crushed garlic, Green chillies and salt, and cook the Parathas in Mustard oil.)

Do let me know If you did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Take care!
Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

28 Dec 2012

New Feature - Chef's Tip

Hello Healthizens!

We are Proud Happy and Delighted to introduce another new section on the blog

1) 'Chef's Tip' (Useful Tips for Cooking)

This is a feature initiated by my Mum - Mrs.Sudha Shukla. She has taken Cooking classes for several years and is super passionate about cooking good (Read Nutritious)food at home!

I am proud to say that she cooks the most yumm food (which obviously every Mother does!) but most importantly because before I started eating out, no dish was new to me and yes that includes Soups, Desserts, Chinese, Moghlai, Baked dishes, Continental..huhh. 
but Not Thai and Mexican and Italian, coz these were not in my knowledge during my school days and by the time I knew bout it, I myself had developed interest in cooking!

The basic principles that she follows while cooking are
a) Inclusion of almost every seasonal veggie and green leafy veggie possible.
b) Inclusion of almost all roots and tubers and spices and condiments.
c) Minimum expenditure of LPG (Very important now that the LPG Cylinders have 
    become such a hot topic of discussion)
d) Preference for Fresh home cooked food.
e) Variety.
f) Extracts of instructions and teachings from My Dadi and Nani included in all the recipes.

After a lot of coaxing she has finally agreed to give her super simple n easy tips n tricks and since she is not that net savvy, I thought of including it as a feature on my blog. See how Mums always do something gr8 for you everytime!

So all you Healthy People out there, keep your eyes on this feature M sure you'll love the Tips!

These tips would be given as a separate post or included in a post wherever needed.

Take Care
Stay Healthy Stay Happy Shine!!!

17 Dec 2012

Health Tip No 6

This Winter..
Don't let the cold weather dehydrate your body ...
                                 Keep drinking lot of water in winters too!

You can drink water in the form of 

1) Water at normal temperature/ Lukewarm water/ Hot water.
2) Add ingredients like cinnamon/green tea, boil it and then drink water.
3) Lemon juice (sweet/salted or both) in lukewarm water.
4) Soups (preferably unstrained).
5) Dal water.
6) Rice water. 
7) Dalia (broken wheat) water. 
8) Water with cloves boiled in it (to beat the cold and bad throat)
9) Kadha the ancient Indian concoction to keep you warm and healthy.


1) Aids digestion(by keeping the flow of digestive juices at the optimum level) since we tend to consume a lot of things (Courtesy - the weather which boosts our appetite.)
2) Relieves you of constipation (if any).
3) If you work constantly on laptops/computer screens, this would ensure your eyes not being too dry.
4) Hydrates the body, Cleans the colon, hence your skin keeps shining.

Wish you a very happy and hydrated Winter!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

7 Dec 2012

Health Tip No 5

Like your Dal with Rice go ahead... Always have your Dal with Rice 


Rice is deficient in 2 amino acids - Lysine and Threonine 

whereas Pulses/Legumes are rich in Lysine and Threonine

So when eaten together Dal and Rice compliment each other and the protein availability 

from the mixture is better as compared to having 

Either - Dal alone or Rice alone.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

5 Dec 2012

Refrigerator - Our Friend Or Foe?

Hello Healthizens!

Hope you are keeping fit n healthy after the previous post - 10 tips for being Fit This Diwali
Have you started taking steps to become Healthy.. as the famous saying goes: -The journey of a 1000 miles begins with the 1st step!
(Start your step today..don't wait for the New Year to come for taking resolutions.. )


In a recent discussion with the guests(some female friends) we were discussing things like how our good old friend - The Refrigerator has made our lives easy. A list of things that we can store in it:
  • Dough
  • Bread
  • Cut fruits n veggies
  • Your favourite Ice creams, Desserts, Sweetmeats etc
  • Gravies and already made veggies till the other day or even for 2-3 days and
  • the list is endless...
That very discussion gave me the idea of this post.


Let us start

Good Health starts with fresh food. but ever since Refrigerators got a place in the normal Indian household, its popularity has been increasing by leaps and bounds. I dont think there can be any family who can dream to live without the Fridge!

1) We use refrigerators to keep our water cold, stock it and keep ice too!

But the so called tasty and thirst quenching Cold water is not good for digestion and the health of your intestines, Because food is digested best when water at or near to room temperature is taken along with it.
Oh well if you feel that you need to store cold water, Just In Case if the guests arrive, time to check yourself, Dont stock/do things which are not good for your health to take care of Just In Case - Cases.

2) We store our favourite desserts

Different varieties of Ice creams, Yoghurts(sweetened) etc (again the list is endless). These all things are Calorie dense, and we all know that right? Still we store them.

I mean.. I am not totally against eating Ice creams or other desserts as such in your entire life okay!

But If you feel like having an ice-cream, go to the parlour have the smallest cup or bigger size of cup of the variety you want and get over the craving...why carry the load of your one time craving all the way back home!!!

3) We store Veggies and Fruits in it.
As far as veggies and fruits are being stored in the refrigerator (for 1-2 or 3 days), its a very nice thing, storing fruits and veggies for a longer time decreases their nutritional value.

And the moment you start storing cut Veggies/ Fruits, the nutritional content of the veggies starts getting depleted.
(We shall discuss this in detail in other posts.)

4) Storing the food which is Good and Tasty for the next day!!

a) Please prepare food in limited quantities. (Remember freshly made roti +veggie or just plain dal rice is 100 times a better option than yesterdays food )

b) In case if you are ordering for food, Please ensure that you order appropriate amounts and not much is leftover... And yes don't eat beyond capacity, to prevent the situation of leftover food!

c) If you have too much of raw ingredients left out and you feel it should be added to the meal to increase the quantity to save the hassle of cooking the other day - Stop Right Away!!!
Those raw ingredients can be used to make something fresh tomorrow!

5) If you are trying to Cover up the wastage of food..

a) Consume the previous day's food as the first meal of the next day.e.g.: Yesterday's Pizza can be a great meal for today's Breakfast!

b) Yesteday's food can be an excellent way to show your Philanthropy.. distribute that food among your domestic helps or just carry the food on your way to work and give it to someone who might be hungry :)

In short the best way to stay Healthy is to Eat Fresh.. Now the decision is yours :)

Hope this helps!
Takecare Eat Well
Stay Healthy Stay Happy SHINE!

28 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 4

Welcome winters!!!

Include Til(Sesame seeds/Gingelly seeds) in your daily meals. 

The best way to do that is to grind them and keep in an air-tight container. The quantity should be enough to last just a week and not more than that or else it would start smelling rancid.

Use this mix in the dough, gravies or seasoning or garnishing..anything u like , to impart a nutty flavor and incorporate nutrients at the same time.

  • Rich source of Calcium.
  • Loaded with anti-oxidants.
  • Good source of Iron, B-vitamins( Thiamin and Riboflavin)
  • Since Sesame is basically an oilseed, the quality of fat content in it is healthy.
A lot of other benefits but these are the most important ones.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

12 Nov 2012

10 Tips For Being Fit This Diwali

Hello Healthizens!

Diwali is just a day away and am sure everyone has done loads and loads of preperations.. Herez wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous and Joyous Diwali!!!

                                    Case File No 4

In a family gathering came across a frequently used statement "Diwali mein khoob khao kuch mat socho kya khana hai kya nai.. daba ke khao, uske baad dekhenge kitni Dieting karna hai" That is the theme for this post.
Healthy eating is a concept often mis-understood by people and termed as Dieting.
First and foremost - Be Happy that its Diwali and you are getting to go and meet all those friends and relatives of yours who you donot meet during your routine lives.

1) Getup early and have lot of water (preferably warm) starting from the time you getup and till the time you go to bed.

2) Don't forget to do your stretching.

3) Have a Healthy Breakfast. At any cost do not miss this.

4) Have fruits as much as possible, but make sure you have your dose of fruits from morning and finish off till evening.

5) Do not have lot of food at a time, have small and frequent meals.

6) Keep sipping hot water with Fresh lemon juice and Honey whenever at home.

7) At home have more and more of green leafy veggies like Palak, Methi, Chawli, Muli bhaji, Green Onion bhaji etc. This would ensure enough fibre supply to your body.

8) Also try to have different cereals like Jowar, Jow, Bajra and Ragi in the form of rotis. This would also be a good source of introducing fibre.

9) Whenever you go to meet people 

  • Finish the glass full of water when served, this would ensure your regular fluid intake.
  • Prefer all homemade snacks as compared to ready-made ones.
  • Eat a bite or two less than your capacity.
  • Have smaller portions.  Smaller morsels help in eating less than normal intake.
  • Keep a very slow pace of eating, this way you and the host both would not feel that you didn't have much. 
  • Avoid ready-made junk like sauces/wafers/aerated or non-aerated beverages, in short avoid all those foods that aren't homemade etc.
  • Walk down instead of using the vehicles.
  • If the above option is not available, Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators.
10) When serving people
  • Avoid serving Junk food (If you don't want to eat it make sure you don't serve it as well)
  • Offer homemade options along-with homemade green chutney or Imli ki chutney rather than sauces.
  • Offer refreshing drinks or beverages e.g.: Green Tea(Hot/Chilled), Lemon water (Sweet/Salted/Both), sherbats dilluted in half milk and half water, Chilled milk (in different flavors) Or even soups (this would come as a pleasant surprise to the guests!!)
  • if you have time and resources try giving the fried homemade options freshly made along-with finely cut onion+tomato+cucumber+green coriander+ lemon juice+black pepper salad! (M sure the guests would love it!)
So I guess that was decent enough a list..Hope you would be able to follow these tips!

Have a Happy, Safe and Joyous Diwali!!
Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!

11 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 3

This Diwali fry your homemade snacks using GROUNDNUT OIL.

  • High smoke point hence the best for deep frying (Shall discuss Smoke point in detail in later posts)
  • Has good shelf life.
  • Imparts pleasant aroma to the fried foods.
  • Has SFA- Saturated fatty acids, MUFA- Monounsaturated fatty acids and PUFA- Polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

3 Nov 2012

Health Tip No 2

This weekend stock up your fridge with colourful veggies..

Remember more the colour on your platter better would be 

  • the level of nutrition
  • the level of antioxidants
  • the valuable fibres
  • variety of taste
  • beauty of the dish
  • and most importantly Health!

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

22 Oct 2012

Menu Card Of The Day - Durgashtmi

Hello Healthizens!

Okay so its Durgaashtmi today and I guess many of us must be fasting right?

Case File No 4

My yesterday's post made a few friends of mine call me up and tell me its very easy to say that include a variety of foods during fasting. But how should we include that variety?

Why don't you give us options? What to eat how to eat? What all to include?

So here is the Menu Card for the day (which I am eating)

1) Singhada atta and Rajgeera atta roti.

Dough made using Boiled grated potato and Boiled grated Arbi (Elephant's foot) and powdered roasted groundnuts and powder of roasted til (sesame seeds). Fresh home made ghee applied on rotis.

2) Alu tikki

Ingredients: Boiled grated potato, Raw carrot, ginger, powdered roasted groundnuts, coriander leaves, Black pepper powder, Roasted cumin seeds, Sendha namak, Singhada atta and Rajgeera atta.  Made on nonstick using very less Groudnut oil.

3) Kaddoo ki kheer

Ingredients: Raw pumpkin (green one and the smaller in size so thats its tender), Milk, sugar, elaichi powder. 

4) Lauki ki sabzi

Ingredients: Lauki (Bottle gourd), jeera(cumin seeds for tempering), groundnut oil, roasted cumin seeds, green chilli, ginger, lots of coriander leaves, Curd.

5) Mattha/Curd as such

Fresh home made curd, pudina/ ginger, sendha namak, black pepper, roasted ground cumin seeds.

6) Lauki ka raita and/or Kakdi ka raita (I have made both)

Ingredients: Grated lauki (slightly steamed) and/or cucumber grated, curd, roasted cumin seeds, black pepper, sendha namak, coriander leaves.

7) Slightly seasoned and cooked Shakarkand (Sweet potato)

Ingredients: Grated Sweet Potato, cumin seeds and sesame seeds for tempering, groundnut oil/ghee, coriander leaves, lemon juice as per taste. Can add green chilli and ginger as per taste.

You can also make kheer or have roasted sweet potato.

8) Sabudana khichdi

Ingredients: Sabudana (Sago) soaked overnight, roasted ground groundnuts, sesame and cumin seeds for tempering, ghee/groundnut oil, green chilli, lemon juice, black pepper, dessicated coconut, coriander leaves and sendha namak.

You can also make Sago kheer if you have a sweet tooth.

9) Green chutney 

Ingredients: Coriander leaves, ginger, sendha namak, lemon juice (to taste)

10) Coconut chutney
Ingredients: Dessicated Coconut (soaked overnight), ginger, coriander leaves, powdered roasted groudnut, green chilli and curd.

Am done with the cooking and eating of this.

Hope this helps!

Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!

21 Oct 2012

Being Aware About Fitness - Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Being aware about fitness - Can start anytime .. Right Now.. This very second and then can continue till ages... at times it may have gaps due to some or the other reasons, but we have to make sure the gaps do not put a dent on our fitness levels.

Case File No 3

I often see people stating (Now that Diwali is approaching I am specially putting up this post) 

"Humne socha hai Diwali hone ke baad se Dieting shuru karenge" 

"Navratri mein pooja paath zyaada hota hai and then vrat mein sab starchy food hota hai toh navratri ke baad exercise karenge"

"Its wedding season so I thought to give a break to the usual Healthy food and indulge a bit"

Please Rethink.. Does this happen with you?

Once you gain weight and loose flexibility and feel lethargic and tired and are detected with certain abnormalities in your medical reports you feel 

Working out and being on a Healthy diet (which I really doubt) would solve everything!

Its almost always just Diet than a Healthy Diet.(which could include all the varieties of crash and whatever you feel is good to eat - type diets or have learnt it over a period of time from your well wishers - type of diet) 

Yes it may be possible in case of celebrities and their kids but don't forget the fact that they have an entire team of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Dieticians to take care of them, 
which is generally not there in your case.

What is more important than being on a Healthy diet is to enjoy the Healthy Diet and the Exercise routine..

Because if you are not enjoying it you won't continue it for long, and that would be all the more damaging for the body. (yo-yo weight pattern)

I know its not easy to change your preferences but tweak the healthy food options according to your tastes (Just make sure they do not become unhealthy then :) )
Or the easier and long lasting option is - Develop a taste for Healthy foods

The key is always being aware bout fitness..always and always.
Do one healthy thing every day

Some points to remember: 
  • Workout (morning or evening). 
  • Have fruits (quantity=soup bowl) in the morning If not that anytime during the day (preferably before evening).
  • Eat green leafy veggies.

Hope this helps!

Takecare          Eat Well 
Stay Healthy     Stay Happy SHINE!

19 Oct 2012

Health Tip No 1

This weekend especially this Sunday - Plan out something for yourself and your family's HEALTH! 

Get up Early... 
Go togther for exercise(walking running jogging) 
Have Nariyal Pani, 
Have a good homemade Breakfast (take everyone's help in it, so that they feel involved!) 
Play some game like Ludo, Carrom, Scrabble, Quiz etc 
Have Homemade lunch, 
Play Sing n Laugh out till you are drained.. 

Have an early Dinner n Sleep early.

Do Letme know If you Did this.. If Yes How Much and How did you feel about it!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...SHINE!

17 Oct 2012

New Feature - Health Tip

Hello Healthizens!

We are introducing a new section on the blog and that's precisely a celebration for the completion of 10,000 page views on our blog!
'Health Tip'

This feature would be a mix of insights that I have gained in the past few years 

a) Out of my studies 

b) Out of experience

c) Out of solving the curiosities of my Clientele which often happens to be the friend circle who usually tell you where they go wrong.. and so it becomes easy to solve their queries.

d) Advices of a few Medico friends (Homepathic, Ayurvedic and Greek Medicine practitioners) and also tips by my Mum which happens to be a combination of advices by my grannies.

And Yes!! Every tip that I give shall have its reason too!

Delighted to start a section for the Good Health Seeking Population!


Stay Healthy Stay Happy Shine!!!

2 Sep 2012

It's Monsoon Be Cautious! Part 2

Hello Healthizens,

Glad to see the queries and responses to the post: 
Its Monsoon. Be Cautious!
Too many queries about what exactly to eat during Monsoons is the reason and the theme for this post.

For a better understanding, Let me disuss in brief points in the previous post.
1) Food does not contain raw items like : Cut fruits and vegetables, all type of Chutneys, Sprouts.
2) Avoid Juices, if having them is inevitable have juices without Ice, and without Masala. In this season Tetra-packs are a good option. 
3) If you are having fried items, have them freshly made, don't eat fried items that have been kept for long.
4) Fried foods are definitely better than Boiled.
5) Fermented foods like: Idli, Dosa, Uttapam,  Pizza, All type of Breads, Sandwiches made from Dhokla etc. are a risky bet.
6) Dairy products also a risky bet. 

Okay now lets start with How and What to Eat during Monsoons
First and foremost -
Nothing beats a fresh homemade food, but considering the fact that most of us are working individuals with little time for ourselves and also to spend at home, I shall mention few points which would help you make safe choices during Monsoons.

1) Instead of Green chutney, Coconut chutney, or any such raw things, prefer Sauces, which are readily available.
2) Sprouts are best and safest when made at home. For Sprouts to be easily digestible it is advisable to cook them a little. (Steamed, cooked at high flame for a few seconds)
3) As I have already mentioned if you want to have juices; Tetra packs are a good option, especially the small ones because they are easy to carry.
4) When in Restaurants ask for a glass of hot water(not lukewarm, a bit more Hot than that) add freshly squeezed lemon into it and keep sipping it before your meal and in between the meal and only a little bit after the meal. (In my case this has helped me to be safe from the outside food! Hope it helps you too..) 

Ideally water should be had in the form of sips in between meals, after the meal have water enough only  to rinse the mouth and then have water after 45-60 mins to help combat bloating and heaviness.
(Try it out! and if it helps Do inform me)

5) If you have fried foods as the only option, opt for Freshly made ones.
(Being a Diet Consultant this should not be advised..but when its time for you to have food, something is better than having nothing and leaving your stomach hungry!)

6) If you have the option of Grilled delicacies they are also good. The best part with grilled items is, you have to wait for them, but you would never get them stale, they are almost always Fresh! (If possible avoid Paneer) 
7) Steamed and Boiled foods can be eaten from places where you are sure about the quality, if not - Don't indulge.

8) For those who like veggies - Stir fried/ Grilled  Veggies(Always ask which veggies would be included, ask them to include the ones that you choose, and make sure you include the ones which have less chances of being rotten/stale) in a Restaurant are a good option.
9) Egg lovers can try different variants of egg e.g.: Omlette, half fried egg, bread-egg pakodas etc. Those who prefer boiled egg, please make sure your vendor is a trustworthy one. 
2 important tips:

a) Ask your boiled eggs to be served With The Shell. If you peel it yourself; no chances of contamination from anyone else's hands other than yours!

b) If you are eating boiled eggs from a Hawker and if you don't want to peel the egg shell, do make sure that it isn't cut before serving to you, because Hawkers generally have a Thread tied in their stall through which they cut the boiled egg and that thread maybe a day old or few days or even months old!

10) Have a lot of in-season fruits and veggies.
For details read my post on Fruits 

Hope this was useful and easy to implement! In case of doubts or queries I am just a comment/mail away.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!

1 Sep 2012

Parents - Practice What You Preach! Part 2

Hello Healthizens!

Hope you enjoyed reading and also implementing points mentioned in part 1. 
Here are the remaining points.

6) If you know that stocking items like Ice creams, tinned fruit pulps, Chocolates and all such sweet and calorie laden things, would eventually lead to someone in the family consume it, Stop Doing So! and then advise your kids that we did so because these things are not good.

7) If you know that stocking ready to eat things like: wafers, roasted dals, mixture, rosted or puffed cereals (wouldn't  name any of them ) is a way of giving priority to Junk items, Stop Doing So!

( I am not against any company in particular, this is an image copied from the internet just like other images)

Keep options like fresh fruits, homemade fresh snacks, fluids like : Coconut water/ Buttermilk (Sweet and Salty)/ Lemon juice(Sweet and/or Salty) Milkshakes etc for such between the meal cravings. (Refer My post related to this


8) If you want your child to eat all the veggies and fruits, Don't make faces when having a certain vegetable / certain dish/ fruit.  Treat everything served to you as your all time favourite and the most nutritious food; especially if eating in front of your child.

Do this genuinely, this would not only improve your habit of eating everything on your platter but also reinforce this in the mind of your child.                           
9) Give Healthy food options / food supplements as rewards and make your child yearn to get them!
a) If you do this task you shall be given a bowl of fresh strawberries!

b) If you clean this mess you shall be given 2 capsules of Cod Liver oil.
c) If you do your homework on time, today we shall have that vegetable which is the most nutritious for you!

etc. (these are just general options, and can be modified according to personal preferences)

10) Prefer home made and Freshly made food as much as possible
a) Give less importance to outside food, because if a child in his tender age observes his/her Parents giving more importance to outside food, he is bound to follow the same during his entire life!

b) Do not cook an entire lot and keep reheating and eating it!
This wrong practice deteriorates and finally destroys all nutrients, and in some cases might become stale, which might not be visible to the naked eye, or might not be apparent to your smell as well!
A freshly made Roti with any type of veggie / just Dal Rice Ghee is 100 times a better option than a Spicy veggie cooked the earlier day along with a stuffed Paratha !

That was my bit in helping you develop Good and Healthy Eating habits in your children!
Hope this was useful.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!

25 Aug 2012

Parents - Practice What You Preach! Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

The launch of our Facebook page is a  new landmark for our Team and we expect you all to support us sincerely in it!
Case File No 2

Few days back I was chatting with a friend on Facebook. One main reason why people want to chat with me is to solve their Diet and Nutrition and Health related woes, and I am always interested in helping people develop Healthy Eating practices.
A detailed talk with her made me realise that she was worried with her 3 year old kid being fond of soft drinks and Junk food. After a little bit more of the discussion I found out that the Parents too were fond of the same soft drink!

Main Reason: Mother's concern over the kid's improper eating behaviour.

I was more than happy to see that the mother was indeed concerned about the kids eating pattern, more so because I have even seen clients who are proud of their kid being able to drink an entire bottle of soft drink or in that case even eat an entire burger and then claiming their kid is not Picky in Eating things and doesn't create problems when moving out! Is moving out that important than your kid? 
Lets discuss this issue some other time...

So this was the main reason and theme for this post!
Children follow what you do, so to make them learn good eating habits try to follow a few of them yourself and see what happens!
Here are some quick tips that I feel Parents should keep in mind.

1) Learn all the habits of staying Healthy and Practice them and also ask your kids to do the same.
If you explain your child to

'Have Breakfast like a King
Lunch like a Price
Dinner like a beggar'
Make sure you have your plateful during Breakfast, early in the morning.

2) If you are making your child aware about dental carries (a very common problem in kids nowadays), Make sure you Brush your teeth twice a day only then recommend the same to your child...infact if they see you doing it regularly, they themselves would ask you to help them with night time brushing!
Motivate yourselves and them to brush twice in whatever way you can!

3) If you want your child to finish what all is served in the Plate, Make sure your plate doesn't have any remains like peels of tomatoes, coriander and curry leaves or any such pieces from the meal.
4) If you already know that sprinkling common salt on top of a salad is not a good habit, keep a small bottle of Rock salt/ Kala-namak or Sendha-namak(the one used during fasting) or chat-masala or black pepper powder and fresh lemon infront of your plate while eating and add these things to your salads to make them tasty and all the more healthy!

5) If you know that increasing your water intake is the most important habit for keeping your system clean and effective ..

Make sure you have at least the minimum prescribed amount before you advise your kids.
(Read: Tips to increase your water intake)
Shall mention the next points in part 2 of this post. Keep Reading!

That was my bit in helping you develop Good and Healthy Eating habits in your children!
Hope this was useful.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy ...Shine!

17 Aug 2012

Launched Our Facebook Page!

Hello Healthizens!

There are a series of changes happening on Healthizenblog.
We are experimenting with the layout and the settings of different gadgets

Just a few days back we have created a Facebook page

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/Healthizenblog

If you happen to like the blog posts on Healthizenblog,

Do hit the LIKE button and promote these posts among your friends too!

Stay Healthy and Happy!



26 Jun 2012

It's Monsoon. Be Cautious! Part 1

Hello Healthizens!

Sorry for the long hiatus.. Actually had been thinking of a new style of introducing and addressing Health related issues.

Let us start!
Case File No 1:

A family of 3 (Father Mother and a 2 year old kid) Sudden onset of guests on a Sunday evening leads to ordering Pizza (Jalandhari Tandoori Paneer) , Garlic bread with Cheese and Salad (Without Potato, Without Chana {Desi Chana or Kabuli Chana}and Without Pasta}as Home delivery from US Pizza.

Mum eats- 2 bites of Pizza, 1 garlic bread and 2 teaspoons of salad. 
Dad eats 2 slices of Pizza 3 garlic bread and salad.
Salad consisted mostly of Cucumbers, Olives, Corn, Cabbage and Mayo dressing.

12:30 midnight: Dad feels body ache has a bit of weakness has a Disprin and a small sachet of electral and goes off to sleep.
3:00 am Mum has loosemotions and is suffering from Fever, severe body ache and headache. Has a sachet of electral, a glass of milk and then a Crocin. Next day's visit to the Doc confirms the state of food poisoning. Medicines for 5 days given to clear out the food poisoning from the intestines.
Main Reason - 2 teaspoons of Salad :(
Mum argues: But howz it possible..only 2 teaspoons and food poisoning!
The only Reason Doc gave was: Madam Its monsoon Be Cautious!

Does this ring a bell in your mind? especially the last line?
Okay here are some guidelines which m sure are pretty much easy to follow.

1) When eating out take care that
a) Food does not contain raw items like : Cut fruits and vegetables, all type of Chutneys, Sprouts.


Reason : Raw items should be Ideally be - washed, cleaned with a cloth, cut with clean knife and then kept in an air tight container or any container with lid and stored in the Refrigerator. Whether these hygiene standards are being maintained by the vendors from whom you are eating food, is a bit doutful, plus the monsoon season which brings dampness everywhere contributes to increase the bacterial growth.
      Sprouts for better growth and cleanliness should be washed with potable water and all those sprouts that you eat or buy in packets from outside are not lucky enough to always get potable water for themselves !

b) Avoid Juices, if having them is inevitable have juices without Ice, and without Masala. In this season Tetra-packs are a good option.
Reason : Ice - We cannot be sure of the water from which Ice is prepared and also the cleanliness of the containers in which Ice has been kept plus the cloth with which the ice is covered, usually contains more bacteria than our Mop :). The container for Masala is almost never covered and becomes damp which leads to growth of fungi inside the container.

c) If you are having fried items, have them freshly made, don't eat fried items that have been kept for long.
Reason: More the number of times an oil is used more it looses its good properties and contributes to increasing our LDL and Cholesterol. Foods kept for long (even if properly covered) are a feast for bacteria especially in this damp season, because bacteria can't be stopped using a net cover :)

d) Fried foods are definitely better than Boiled.
Reason: Fried foods have been cooked at high temperature in oil which increases its shelf life and makes it more safer than the Boiled stuff.
e.g.: Omlette is better than a boiled egg.


e) Fermented foods like: Idli, Dosa, Uttapam,  Pizza, All type of Breads, Sandwiches made from it Dhokla etc. are a risky bet.

Reason: Fermentation is a process which requires optimum temperature which is usually perfect during summers. During monsoons this optimum temperature is usually not reached, leading the process to stay incomplete. Incomplete fermentation leads to Headache, Body ache, Stomach upset and in extreme cases Food poisoning etc.

f) Dairy products also a risky bet.

Reason: Optimum temperature storage is required for maintaining the good condition of Dairy products. Paneer is a strict No No. Curd is a good option, however the best option would be curds made at home. Pasteurised milk should be boiled immediatly after reaching home or stored in the freezer if to be used later. Although the list of dairy products is a lot more, The bottom line here is to buy such products from a reputed brand to be sure and safe (Because they have better storage equipments and lesser of power cut, and hence the quality of food stuff stored would be better)

g) Green leafy vegetables are safe to eat only when cooked personally at home or under strict supervision. 
Eating them outside gurantees no health instead may gurantee health problems...

h) Stick to eating from places that are always your safest bet rather than trying out different menus at different street vendors.

i) When compared, homemade tiffin is anytime better than outside food.
Be judicious enough to decide that is it safe to have your tiffin, depending on the number of hours it is kept outside and also depending on the temperature.

Okay Healthizens! That was my bit.
Hope this helps you in your efforts to make your life in Monsoons Healthy and Happy!
Suggestions are always welcome.

Happy Eating, Happy exercising and Happy Monsoon!!!
Manger sainement Say sécurité (Eat Healthy Stay Safe)