8 Oct 2011

5 Ways To Improve Your Diet Routine - Part 1 of 5

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all have been following the simple yet effective tips given in the previous post.
If not let me remind you
5 Healthy Eating Tips that work
1) Get up early
2) Have a heavy Breakfast
3) Drink lots and lots of water- Hot and not Cold water
4) Take a break while eating rather than eating at one go.
5) Concentrate on your food when you eat.

Okay! that was a quick reminder...Now lets start with ways to improve your routine.
First the Main Points

1) Include variety of vegetables in your diet
2) Prefer to have your bowl of Soup, Salad, Curd /Buttermilk before Meals.
3) Munching is good, but only when you munch the right things.
4) Eat a lot of In Season things( fruits and vegetables).
5) All of this should be a component of your meals during the entire day: 
Chapati/  Roti, 1 Big Katori (Seasonal)Vegetable, Dal, Rice, Salad(all seasonal raw veggies, this includes Sprouts too!), Curd/Buttermilk and last but not the least - Fruits

Lets discuss the 1st point

Include variety of vegetables in your diet.

Monotony  is boring right? I wonder how people don't get bored of eating the same few number of vegetables just because they Do not Like others!
You being an individual do not prefer to wear the same clothes e.g.: T-shirt almost every alternate day {there may be exceptions to this...} Right?
Well the same way your body also needs a variety of nutrients from different vegetables.

By Variety I mean lots of colours and textures ( I am listing a few of them)
e.g.: Green Leafy vegetables like: Spinach (Palak), Fenugreek (Methi) , Bathua, Amaranth (Chauli), Radish greens (Muli bhaji) , Lal bhaji , Colocasia leaves (Arbi ke patte), Turnip greens (Shaljam ke patte) etc.

Other vegetables like: Bottle gourd (Lauki) , Ridge gourd (Turia/Gilki) , Parwal, Pumpkin (Kadoo), Bitter gourd (Karela), Radish (Muli), Carrot (Gajar), Green peas (Matar), Cauliflower (Phool gobhi), Cabbage (Pattagobhi), Turnip (Shaljam), Beet-root (Chukandar), Cluster beans (Guvar falli),  Colocasia (Arbi), Long yard beans (Barbatti), Jackfruit (Kathal), Yam (Suran), Kohl Rabi (Ganth gobhi) etc

Herez one Mantra my mum gave me: Your Tastebuds are the enemy of your health, If you want a good health, Stop being the Slave of your tastebuds.

By saying this what I want to emphasise is - Above all things give your Health the TOP priority and your tastebuds the 2nd.

Try to follow this tip for 1 week. then we shall discuss on the 2nd point.
" Prefer to have your bowl of Soup, Salad, Curd /Buttermilk before Meals. "


  1. wow..you have updated your blog :)
    count me in your regular visitors now :)

  2. Hello Shaili! Yes I did it after a long time..but now I keep updating it every week Preferably Monday morning. Happy Reading!